Employee Self-Service

GWeb Information

GWeb Information System (GWeb) provides 24/7 self-service secured access for staff, faculty, and students to view current and historical employee information including current and past jobs. You are able to update personal and tax withholding information. Please note that you are only able to change state withholding information for VA, MD and DC on GWeb at this time.  All other state forms can be found under Payroll Forms.  Below are detailed instructions on how to update available self-service options. 

If you encounter problems trying to access GWeb, please contact the Division of Information Technology Support Center at 202-994-4948.

Self-Service Options

Accessing Your Pay Stub

If you sign up for Direct Deposit, you will receive an email notification 2-3 days prior to your pay date to view your pay statement in GWeb. Your electronic Pay Stub provides all earnings and deduction information on current and past paychecks. This is an easy, convenient, and secure way to access your pay history. You can use these Accessing Your Pay Stub Instructions to view your Pay Stubs.

Access Paystub after leaving GW

After leaving GW, you can use these Accessing Your Pay Stub After Leaving GW Instructions to view your Pay Stubs.


Keep your addresses current by using the Address Update Instructions.

Specific W4 Address Update Instructions will help you update your W4 address.  Please note that updating your W4 address does not update your State Withholding Information.

Direct Deposit

We recommend all employees enroll in direct deposit. You can allocate your pay in multiple accounts using fixed or percentage based amounts. Use these instructions to set up or deactivate direct deposit accounts:

Federal and State Taxes
Employees who are not U.S. residents for tax purposes should contact the university’s tax department prior to completing tax withholding forms.  Please visit the tax department website for their contact and general information.  

Federal Taxes:

W-4 Instructions:

State Taxes (VA-MD-DC):

Form W-2

The Consent for Electronic Form W-2 Instructions allow you to consent to receive an electronic W2 in GWeb.  For 2023, you will also consent in Equifax if you use their system in addition to or in place of GWeb.

Use the GWeb View/Save/Print W-2 Instructions to obtain a printer-friendly copy of your W-2 for 2023 and years prior.

Visit the Form W-2 page for more instructions and information.

Job and Salary History

You can view your Current and Past Jobs in the Employee Dashboard Job Summary section.

Work Location

Employees are being asked to please review, update (if necessary) and confirm your W-4 and work location* addresses in GWeb

An accurate work location address ensures that you are eligible for applicable benefits in the state where you work and appropriate state tax is being withheld from your paycheck.

Work location is where you physically work 50% or more of the time. 

Please visit the Confirming/Updating Work Location (PDF) for instructions.

Work Location FAQs (PDF)