Strategic and Annual Budget Planning

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Depending on your role, you may have financial planning responsibilities within your department. GW has a number of policies governing financial operations of the university, including but not limited to payroll management, tax reporting, procurement, accounting and budget and gift management.


Discuss with your manager the financial expectations of your role such as:

  • Strategic Planning: Collaborating with the leadership in your organization on the priorities for your area(s) including major projects and initiatives.
  • 5-Year Budget Planning: Assisting with the preparation of multi-year budget projections and annual forecasts.
  • Annual Budget Development and Management: Monitoring the budget for your area(s) by reviewing monthly budget reports and tracking overall financial performance.

Your managerial responsibilities also include:

  • Communicating and enforcing all GW financial policies and procedures
  • Familiarizing yourself with pertinent policies
  • Appropriately monitoring your teams expenditures to ensure compliance with these policies