Payroll Staff Directory

The Payroll Services department is dedicated to providing accurate and timely services to employees and other stakeholders. We are responsible for paying all employees in compliance with federal and local labor laws. We have a commitment to embrace change that promotes increased productivity and we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

For general payroll questions, contact [email protected].

Ursula Badertscher

Senior Accountant

(571) 553-4461
Zendra Barr

System Administrator, Time Reporting Systems

(571) 553-4407
Glenna Bennett

Director, Payroll

(571) 553-4280
Katie Bracy

Payroll Associate I

(571) 553-0454
Rachel Costanza

Sr Data Analysis, Pay and Benefits

(571) 553-4286
Anne Irizarry

Payroll Associate III

(571) 553-8508
Elizabeth Javier

Payroll Tax Associate

(571) 553-4462
Stephanie Johnson

Assistant Director, Payroll Services

(571) 553-4463
Jennifer Lopez

Associate Vice President, Total Rewards

(571) 553-8324
Tinka Petrova

Supervisor, Payroll Operations

(571) 553-4419
Benjamin Ramas

Payroll Associate II

(571) 553-4417
Cesar Sandoval

Payroll Associate I, MFA

Jessica Scruggs

Payroll Associate

Safak Seng

Payroll Associate I