Tuition Benefits

As a core element of our GW mission we are committed to promoting the process of lifelong learning.  To this end, we provide a generous tuition benefits package to support individuals in their educational endeavors.

Tuition Remission

As a GW employee, you’re eligible for a tuition remission benefit that can help you, your spouse/domestic partner, and/or your dependents pay for tuition to GW classes.  For more details, including coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and dependents, please review the Tuition Remission Benefit Policy.






Full-Time Staff

1st semester following 180 days employment

90% of:

6 spring credits,

6 summer credits,

and 6 fall credits

Full-Time Faculty, Medical Resident, Executive Staff

1st semester coinciding or following appointment date

Research Staff

Part-Time Staff

1st semester following 180 days employment

90% of:

3 spring credits,

3 summer credits,

and 3 fall credits

*Not to exceed the current Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) tuition rate. 

Tuition Exchange

As part of GW’s participation in The Tuition Exchange Program, Inc., dependents of regular faculty and staff, as well as retirees and eligible affiliated groups, under the age of 24, may be eligible for a scholarship for up to four years of full-time academic study in undergraduate degree programs at a participating institution other than GW.  Because the university must balance the number of Tuition Exchange (TE) students it "exports" to other member institutions with those it "imports" for enrollment at GW, the number of scholarships available for eligible GW dependents in any academic year will be limited. TE scholarship availability is dependent on the number of spaces at the admitting institution.  The duration of the TE scholarships is also dependent upon the import/export ratio.