Expanding Your Family

Congratulations on your new addition to your family!

After the birth or adoption of a child, you may need to update or change the following information.

Please use the information below to help you as you make your benefits decisions and changes:

Adding your child to your health, dental and vision insurance:

  • Parental insurance will cover your newborn's initial medical expenses while the baby is still in the hospital, but you must take action to continue coverage. (Insurance will typically cover newborns for 30 days.) 
  • Complete your enrollment change online via go.gwu.edu/enroll4benefits within 60 calendar days of your child's birth. 
  • To approve your child's coverage, proof of birth (hospital discharge papers, birth summaries, proof of birth letter, birth certificate, etc.) must be provided to GW Benefits within 60 calendar days of the birth event date. 
  • If you have adopted a child, appropriate court documents must be submitted with the enrollment change within 60 calendar days of the adoption.
  • You are able to make changes to the health, dental, and vision plans in which you are enrolled.
  • Insurance premiums are prorated based on the date of birth.

Enroll your child in life insurance:

  • Enroll in dependent child life insurance with coverage up to $20,000 in $2,000 increments. If you have already enrolled other children in dependent child life insurance, then your new child will be automatically added. Please note: You must elect Optional Insurance for yourself in order to elect it for your spouse, domestic partner, or children. Coverage for dependent children is limited to a maximum of $20,000 or 50 percent of your coverage (whichever is less). 
  • After completion of the transition period, you will also want to review and update your beneficiaries through go.gwu.edu/enroll4benefits. During the transition period, please use the appropriate form attached above or contact us for help.

Use a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to help cover childcare expenses:

  •  Please note that a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cannot be newly elected or continued during a paid or unpaid leave of absence longer than 30 calendar days.  If you wish to elect a Dependent Care FSA, you can do so within 30 calendar days of your return from leave.    

Update your beneficiary information:

  • Update your GW Retirement Savings plan beneficiary designation with your provider (Fidelity or TIAA)
  • Update your HSA beneficiary designation with PayFlex