Form W­4 & State Tax Withholding


Employees who are not U.S. residents for tax purposes should contact the university’s tax department prior to completing tax withholding forms. The Tax Department phone number is 571-553-8313.

The university is responsible for withholding federal and state taxes from all employees’ wages and reporting all taxable wages and taxes withheld to the Internal Revenue Service (Social Security Administration) and to the appropriate state. The university and each employee have responsibilities in this process.

University’s Responsibilities

  • Withholding federal, FICA, and state taxes from employee’s wages.
  • Remitting taxes withheld in a timely manner in accordance with published federal and state guidelines
  • Providing taxable wages and taxes withheld information on each employee to federal and state jurisdictions.
  • Providing each employee an annual W-2 no later than January 31.  More information can be found here on the W-2 Form Page.

Employee’s Responsibilities

Form W-4

Form W-4 (PDF), Employee Withholding Certificate, is required so that the university can withhold the correct amount of Federal income tax from employees' pay.  Employees are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of personal information to include their address and withholding information. Form W-4 address information will be used for payroll and benefit purposes. It is important to keep your information current.

Instructions on how to change address information and W-4 Withholding information using GWeb can be found online in Employee Self Service

Form W-4 Address Changes

State Withholding

  • In addition to Form W4, all employees are required to complete the appropriate state tax withholding form at the time of hire.  Employees who reside in DC, Maryland, or Virginia may set up their state form electronically through GWeb using the VA-MD-DC Inital State Withholding set up Instructions (PDF). Other states' forms can be found in Payroll Forms.  Email the completed form to [email protected] using your GWU email address. 
  • If a state withholding form isn’t submitted the university will withhold DC taxes at the maximum allowable rate. 
  • A new withholding form must also be completed when an employee’s state of residency changes or there is a change in their personal information affecting withholding.
  • Those who reside in other states will need to complete an actual form. Those residing in states with no withholding should complete Form D4A- DC non residency in Payroll Forms.
  • Instructions on how to electronically update tax forms can be found in Employee Self Service, and a list of the states for which the university withholds tax which can be found in Payroll Forms. Please remember, if you terminate one state tax withholding, you must activate another state.