After Recruitment

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Once the recruitment process is completed, there are several important steps to take to ensure that GW is in compliance with federal law and to help ensure the success of future competitive recruitments.

Please refer to the Onboarding section of the Managers' Toolkit for information on helping your new hire to have a successful transition to their new role.


  • Retain Hiring Records.
    • Based on several federal laws, GW must retain hiring records for each position for at least two years from the date of the hiring decision (i.e., the date the position was filled). Hiring records include, but are not limited to, all applications and résumés considered for the position, selection testing (employment tests, drug tests) and investigations (reference checks, background or credit checks).
  • Evaluate the Process.
    • Conduct an evaluation of the Competitive Recruitment process. Reflect on the following questions:
      • Was the Competitive Recruitment process carefully planned and flowed accordingly?
      • Were postings, advertisements, and communications an accurate view of the position?
      • Were communications with Candidates timely, professional and fair?
      • Were the search committee chair, hiring manager, and HR representative a valuable resource?
      • Did recruitment efforts (e.g., advertising, Sourcing) yield a diverse pool of highly-qualified Candidates?
      • Did screening criteria, interview questions, and rating tools reflect the position and reduce bias?
      • Did the Competitive Recruitment process result in identifying a Selected Candidate who received and accepted an offer of employment?
      • Did all stakeholders involved in the Competitive Recruitment process meet records retention requirements?