Direct Deposit Set up Instructions

Direct Deposit Set Up

To begin, log in to GWeb.

Click the applicable option inside the red box.

Screenshot of Gweb login screen with red box around blue button selections

From the home screen, select View/Update Direct Deposit.

Screenshot of gweb dashboard with red box around View/Update Direct Deposit

In the Proposed Pay Distribution section, enter your bank information by clicking Add New.

Screenshot of Direct Deposit Allocation. Red box around Proposed Pay Distribution and Add New.



If you are setting up 2 accounts, you will need to mark Remaining Amount on the first account you set up, or you will receive a system error.  You will enter the amount or percentage for the next account then change the priority to 1.  The Remaining account needs to be last priority.

Please see the Tips at the bottom of this guide.

Fill in bank information.  You must choose Remaining amount for your first account. Check the authorization box. Click Save New Deposit.

screenshot of add payroll allocation with red boxes around Use remaining amount radio button, checking the authorization box, and Save New Deposit


You will see the proposed Pay Distribution that you entered.

Screenshot of Proposed Pay Distribution


If you are entering another account, enter the amount or percentage.  You must select Priority 1.

screenshot of adding a subsequent bank account with red boxes around priority 1, Use specific amount radio button, checking the box for authorization, and save new deposit


You will see your Proposed Pay Distribution. 

screenshot of proposed pay distribution with 2 accounts



  • If adding multiple accounts, make sure one is designated as “Remaining” and in the last priority spot.

Example of a split $1,000.00 direct deposit (net amount):

Bank A          10%                 $100.00 (10% on net pay; remaining $900.00)

Bank B          10%                  $ 90.00 (10% on $900; remaining $810.00)

Bank C          Remaining     $810.00 (all after Bank B; remaining $0.00)

  • Do not use a routing number from a savings deposit slip. Please verify with your bank for the proper routing number for ACH purposes.
  • Some checks have a special routing number in small print noted for ACH purposes. Please use this number for the Bank Routing Number.
  • Enter every number of your account, even if they are zeros. Enter the numbers together (no dashes, no spaces)
  • Routing numbers are always 9 digits long (no letters, no dashes, no spaces)
  • If you are setting up a money market account, please verify with your bank if they consider this account to be savings or checking. Indicating the wrong type of account will result in your funds being rejected.

Where to get your banking information:

  • Call your Bank
  • Personal check or Mobile App
screenshot of sample check and mobile app routing number