Time Reporting


We are pleased to announce that Kronos, the university's Time Reporting System, has been restored and is now available at go.gwu.edu/trs. We are now moving into the final stage of updating the Kronos system and reconciliation.

Below is a detailed notification sent out to all employees, supervisors, and timekeepers. Please pay attention to the date that items are due in order to reconcile the TRS system on a timely manner.

Payroll will begin the reconciliation process to confirm any over/under payroll due from or to employees for the previous four pay periods once the steps above have been completed. The reconciliation will include a review of actual hours worked, overtime and any shift differential pay. 

Payroll will resume its normal processing for BW4, and timekeeper approval will be due by noon on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022.

Detailed Instructions to Reconcile TRS:
Kronos restored, please review notification sent 1/27/2022

Time Reporting

It is the university’s policy to pay all employees for time worked in an accurate and timely manner, in accordance with applicable laws, and to maintain required supporting documents and records.

To facilitate this process the university makes available an automated Time Reporting System (TRS), using PCs and telephones to record hours worked and leave taken for the purpose of:

  • Collecting the data necessary to pay employees accurately and timely
  • Tracking compliance with governmental regulations
  • Maintaining the required supporting documentation

All biweekly employees’ time and attendance are maintained in the university’s TRS system. Non-exempt employees are required to clock in/out using the telephone or PC.