Direct Deposit

The university offers direct deposit to any financial institution in the United States. All employees of the university are eligible for direct deposit and it is the recommended payment method.  With direct deposit, an employee may allocate their pay between multiple accounts, such as checking, savings, money market, and IRA accounts.  Direct deposit assures that employees' paychecks are in their designated accounts by 5:00 pm on payday even if they are sick or on vacation.

Direct deposit users are notified each pay period by email that their Easy View deposit notification is available for viewing and printing. Simply click on the link in your email and log into GWeb. Both current and previous paychecks are available for viewing and printing.

When a change is made to your direct deposit information, you will automatically receive an email notification informing you a change was made.  If you did not authorize or make this change, please notify Payroll Services immediately at 571-553-4277.

It is recommended that you change your direct deposit information to reflect your new account prior to closing your old account, since payroll is processed up to a week in advance.