Talent and Organizational Development


In Talent and Organizational Development,  we are here to support and cultivate growth - no matter where you are in your career journey, we support and develop you where you are at. Through our strategic partnership with the university, our aim is to develop and sustain a workforce that is motivated, inspired, and diverse. We have cultivated a variety of programs, initiatives, and services to ensure our community and our organization is aligned to our culture and our academic aims. 


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Talent Development

We provide resources and innovative, diverse programs that support GW’s culture to inspire lifelong learning and positive change.

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Organizational Development

We work directly with stakeholders across GW to assess their organizational goals, identify areas of improvement, and create proactive, specialized solutions. 

Meet Our Team

 Among our services:

  • We manage and develop the performance management program, including goal-setting and training.

  • We conduct regular leadership development trainings, to ensure our leaders have the tools and skill needed to successfully manage their teams.

  • We partner with HR representatives across the university to provide carefully crafted organizational development consulting services to enhance the efficiency and engagement of GW's divisions and schools.
  • We regularly conduct new hire orientation for the university, teaching new employees the university's mission, culture, and aims. 
  • We oversee the university-wide internal communications orginating from HRMD.

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