VA-MD-DC Update State Withholding

VA-MD-DC Update State Withholding

To begin, log in to GWeb.

Click the applicable option inside the red box.

Screenshot of Gweb login screen with red box around blue button selections

Click View/Update VA-MD-DC State Tax Withholding.

Screenshot gweb home screen with red box around view/update VA MD DC withholding


Click Update.

Screenshot State withholding with red box around update


Choose a date in the current or a future pay period.  See the payroll calendar for help. Make necessary changes to Tax filing status, number of exemptions, additional withholding per pay, or claim exempt from withholding. Check the box to consent and Click Certify Changes.

Screenshot MD income tax selections with red boxes around effective date, consent checkbox, and certify changes

Click Return.

Screenshot state withholding with red box around return