Update Federal tax withholding

Update Federal tax withholding

To begin, log in to GWeb.

Click the applicable option inside the red box.

Screenshot of Gweb login screen with red box around blue button selections

Click Access Employee Dashboard.

Screenshot of GWeb initial screen with red box around Access employee dashboard


Click Taxes. Then click W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Screenshot Taxes section of employee dashboard with red boxes around taxes and W4 Employee's Withholding Certificate


Scroll down and Click Update.

Screenshot of W4 Employee's Withholding Certificate with red box around update


Choose the day after the effective date or in a future pay period.  See payroll calendar for help.  Update the appropriate fields for the changes you would like to make (Deduction Status, Filing Status).  Complete steps 2-4 only if they apply to you. See the Federal W4 form for help.

Screenshot Update W4 with red boxes around effective date of change, deduction status, and filing status


Scroll down and click Certify Changes.

Screenshot red box around certify changes


Click OK.

Screenshot of certification statement with red box around ok


You will receive the update W-4 confirmation.  Click W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Screenshot update W4 confirmation

Scroll down and click History.

Screenshot w4 options with red box around history


You will see your History.

screenshot W4 history