SimpleTherapy is a virtual full-body muscle and joint pain prevention and recovery program available at no cost to GW Medical Plan participants and covered dependents, age 13 years and up.

The program offers 18 different programs for head-to-toe care and can be easily accessed through your smartphone and/or tablet. 15-minute video-guided programs help you prevent or recover from both muscle and joint pain in the comfort of your own home. As our workspace, workout routines and overall well-being are impacted by the pandemic, SimpleTherapy is a great tool to help you prevent pain, ease joint issues, improve your mood and increase mobility.

When you activate your account, you can begin to use the app immediately.

Who is Eligible?

SimpleTherapy's Core Digital Program is available and accessible at any time, and at no cost, to employees and their family members (13 years or older) who are enrolled in a GW medical plan.

What Can I Expect from SimpleTherapy?

  • An initial 30–45-minute comprehensive virtual consultation with a licensed physical therapist.
  • Head-to-toe muscle and joint pain prevention and pain management program personalized to you and your condition.
  • Unlimited coaching support.
  • A care pack filled with items to help speed recovery shipped directly to your front door.
  • A diverse panel of board-certified physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists to answer questions and evaluate your journey.

Let Us Know How Your Journey is Going

After using the app consistently for a few months, share your feedback with us at [email protected].

For questions about the enrollment process, your physical therapy plan, or other app-related questions, please contact SimpleTherapy at 1-800-644-2478 or [email protected]. For support on GW benefits programs, please email [email protected].

See SimpleTherapy's privacy policy.

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