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Our Goal

Our goal is to attract, retain, and motivate employees so that we can achieve our collective GW goals. Our pay philosophy is aligned with and supports the institution's mission and business strategy.  As part of the total rewards strategy, we design competitive compensation packages governed by guiding principles. 

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Targeted Market Position - We align our pay structures to "match" the market, or peer salary data. This helps us target employee base pay that also matches the market, for employees that are fully proficient and meeting expectations of the role.  We strive to create structures that allow for additional compensation growth for high performers or key talent.

  2. Choose Relevant Market Data - We work to ensure that we're using data from true competitors - where we attract employees from.
  3. External versus Internal Focus - We set pay levels primarily on competitive external market data. We also consider internal alignment, to support GW's aim to deliver fair levels of compensation to all employees.

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