Retirees Open Enrollment Benefits Overview

  2024 Open Enrollment Period: October 9 - 27, 2023


Dear George Washington University Retiree,

Welcome to the 2024 Benefits Open Enrollment season!

Open Enrollment begins on Monday, October 9, 2023, and closes at 8 p.m. (ET) on Friday, October 27, 2023.

The Open Enrollment period is your annual opportunity to review the benefits offered by the university and to change your benefit selections for the upcoming year. You can add or remove benefits, dependents and more. Any changes requested to your health and welfare plans after the Open Enrollment period will require a Qualified Life Event (QLE), such as a change in marital status, spouse’s work status or coverage, etc.

Important: The Open Enrollment period that runs October 9 - 27, 2023, is only for those retirees or dependents who are continuing enrollment in medical, dental, and/or vision benefits via bswift. For those post-age 65 who are enrolled in Medicare plans through Via Benefits, please see the special note for "Post-Age 65 Retiree: Medicare Exchange" in the Enrollment System section.

Be well,
GW Benefits

Benefits Overview

It is important to prioritize your health and well-being goals. Open Enrollment 2024 provides the opportunity for you to re-evaluate your current benefits and make intentional choices for the year ahead that will allow you to maximize your health and well-being.

Please take a moment to review this summary of what’s new, what’s changing and what’s staying the same for the upcoming year.



What’s New for 2024

Explore the new prescription program for specialty medications in the GW Retiree HSP available in 2024!







NEW! PrudentRx via the GW HSP Pharmacy Benefit

PrudentRx for specialty medications is included in the Pharmacy Benefit. This program is designed to lower your out-of-pocket costs by assisting you with enrollment in drug manufacturers discount copay cards/assistance programs. When enrolled in PrudentRx, your out of pocket cost will be $0* for medications included on the PrudentRx exclusive specialty drug list, which is updated monthly and posted on the Benefits website.

HSP participants: If you opt out, you will be responsible for the 30% coinsurance. Payments made by you for a medication that does not qualify as an essential health benefit, will not count toward your out-of-pocket maximum. 

*HSP participants must meet their combined medical/prescription deductible before the out-of-pocket cost will be $0.

How to Enroll:

After enrolling in the HSP plan, you will be contacted via phone to enroll in PrudentRx at the time of your first specialty fill. You must complete any additional enrollment steps with PrudentRx to receive the $0 benefit when applicable. Note: HSP participants must meet their combined medical/prescription deductible before the out-of-pocket cost will be $0.

IMPORTANT: Members must enroll in the PrudentRx program to access $0 copay benefits. Formulary exclusions will supersede this list.

If a participant’s specialty medication is not on the PrudentRx list, then the brand formulary or brand non-formulary plan design will apply.

For additional information, visit



What’s Changing for 2024

Please take a moment to review this summary of what’s changing  for the upcoming year.


Medical Overview



2024 Medical Contribution Overview

Pre-Age 65 Retiree: GW Retiree HSP
GW will continue to offer the GW Retiree Health Savings Plan (Retiree HSP) for retirees and their dependents under age 65.

Plan participants will see a 8.8% increase in medical premiums for 2024. There are no changes to coverage and UnitedHealthcare will continue to be the medical benefits administrator for the plan.

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2024 Dental Contributions

Dental contributions will increase approximately 4% in 2024 across all three dental plan options.  The monthly contributions will increase between $2 and $6, depending on your plan and coverage level. Aetna Dental will continue to be the dental insurance provider.  There will be no changes to coverage.

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Retirees enrolled at Via Benefits who opted to continue dental and / or vision coverage through bswift, please see "How to Enroll" section for more Open Enrollment details.



UnitedHealthcare Vision Plans

For the 2024 Plan year, participating retirees will experience an increase of 1.5% in their vision contributions across all plans and coverage tiers.

The monthly contribution increases will be less than $1 for all plans and coverage tiers.
Both the GW Basic and Enhanced vision plans will continue to be offered. There will be no changes in coverage.

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What's Staying the Same for 2024

The following programs and benefits will continue to be available in 2024.



Pre-Age 65 Retiree: GW Retiree HSP

For 2024, GW will continue to offer the GW Retiree Health Savings Plan (Retiree HSP) for retirees and their dependents under age 65.


Life Insurance

There will be no change to the GW-provided life insurance coverage for retirees. Please remember, reductions do apply. Reminder:  Please review your beneficiary information to ensure it is up-to-date.


Health Advocate

Health Advocate offers hassle-free assistance with resolving healthcare and insurance issues to all GW Retirees enrolled in a medical plan through bswift or Via Benefits. Example services include resolving medical bill errors, estimating costs for medical procedures, locating eldercare and caregiver support resources, clarifying insurance plans and more.

Call Health Advocate at (866) 695-8622 or visit


Freestanding Imaging and Labs Preferred Network

A freestanding network facility performs outpatient services and submits claims separately from any hospital affiliation, and may be a lower cost option for certain medical services. GW will continue to offer a preferred network,* including a lower coinsurance, for usage of freestanding facilities in lieu of hospitals for lab tests, radiology services, major diagnostics and other services. LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics will continue to be GW's preferred vendors for lab work.

*In-network freestanding facilities and GW Hospital


UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits will remain a health plan feature under the GW Retiree HSP providing you an opportunity to connect with a doctor via mobile device or computer – 24/7, no appointment needed.


Diabetes Management Program

CVS’s Next Generation Transform Diabetes Care Program will continue to be offered in 2024 as part of the GW Retiree HSP. This program focuses on a highly personalized approach that uses member-specific data to help customize program offerings based on their risk profile. Diabetic medications and supplies must be filled through CVS Retail or CVS Mail Order.


Real Appeal

Retirees and their dependents covered under the GW Retiree HSP plan will continue to have access to the Real Appeal weight-loss program. The BMI requirement to participate in the program is 23.

Visit for more information.


Mandatory Maintenance Choice - All Access Opt-Out

The Mandatory Maintenance Choice - All Access with Opt Out program will continue as part of the prescription benefit with GW's Retiree HSP. Under this program, the number of 30-day fills for maintenance prescriptions at a retail pharmacy (including CVS) will be limited to three. After your third 30-day fill of a maintenance prescription, your medication will not be covered until you either move to a 90-day prescription filled at CVS retail or CVS Caremark mail order , OR you opt out of the program and continue filling at your preferred pharmacy.



Retirees will continue to be eligible for the Tuition Remission benefit, which pays a percentage of tuition costs based on years of service. The benefit may also be used by a retiree's spouse or domestic partner and eligible dependents (depending on years of service).


Group Home and Auto

Group Home and Auto discounts, through Liberty Mutual offers preferred pricing on home and auto insurance packages, including discounts of up to 10 percent on auto and 5 percent on home, renters and condo insurance.

For details, call (800) 298-8947 or visit (mention Client ID# 135234).


Pet insurance

Pet Insurance will continue to be offered as a voluntary benefit through Nationwide®. Coverage begins 14 days after enrollment.



ID Theft Protection

Allstate Identity Protection offers identity protection to you and your family at a group discount rate. Coverage will begin immediately after enrollment.

Visit for more information.



Tools, Information, and Services Available to You

The annual Open Enrollment period is a time of opportunity. As you review the 2024 benefit programs and changes, you are welcome to include your family in the planning process, if applicable.

Visit the 2024 Open Enrollment website at to access the Open Enrollment Retiree Guide, retiree contribution rates, calendar of events, and more.


Post-Age 65 Retiree: Medicare Exchange

The Open Enrollment period for GW retirees and dependents age 65 and older, who participate in Medicare plans through Via Benefits, is October 15 – December 7, 2023. For more information, please contact Via Benefits at (855) 232-5748 or you can review and enroll in Medicare plans online at


In-Person Open Enrollment Fests

Meet GW's Unitedhealthcare and Aetna vendor partners, ask questions and receive enrollment assistance during the annual Open Enrollment Fests. Check out our events page at for details.