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We are only accepting employees and students' forms received via GWU e-mail address.

Processing time for all tax forms and direct deposit authorizations can take up to a week and changes may not take in effect until the next pay cycle.

2023 Tax Information:

  • GW Business and Law School have partnered to provide free tax return assistance for families with income under $75,000.  This article about the student volunteers has more information and includes how to make a reservation.
  • 2023 Form W-2s are available.  It is not too late to give consent to receive your W-2 online using these Consent for Electronic Form W-2 Instructions.  If you have provided consent in a previous year, you do not need to consent again.  You will need to opt in for an online form in the Equifax system as well. 
  • Visit the Accessing Form W-2 page for more information and instructions.
  • Please check out the FAQs on our Form W-2 Page if you have any questions concerning why the numbers do not match your annual salary, there are different numbers for different boxes, or you don't believe something is correct. If after looking over the FAQs for W-2 you still do not have an answer to your question, contact us with the specific question.
  • Former employees will receive a paper Form W-2 for 2023.   You can visit the Former Employees section of the Accessing Form W-2 page for information about how to login to View and Download your W-2 online through Equifax.

  • Changes to your W-4 mailing address, your tax withholding, and your direct deposit information can be made online on the GWEB Info System. Detailed instructions can be found on our Payroll website under Employee Self Service