Payroll Overview

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The university pays employees either on a biweekly or monthly basis. Payroll Services is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of salaries, wages, and tax withholdings for all university employees.

Employee Deductions

Payroll Services is responsible for making both involuntary and voluntary deductions from employee wages. Although the Benefits Administration Division administers most employee deductions, Payroll Services also processes a number of deductions, including federal and state income taxes, FICA taxes, and a number of voluntary deductions as relevant. More information about employee deductions can be found on the Payroll Services website.

All university paychecks and direct deposit notices include information regarding pay period, year-to-date earnings, deductions, and benefits. For more information on understanding your paystub, please visit Payroll Services.

Methods of Payment

The university uses two methods to pay its employees: paychecks and direct deposit. Employees are urged to participate in the direct deposit program as a means of avoiding problems with lost or stolen checks as well as unclaimed or uncashed checks. Employees who receive paper paychecks or paper direct deposit forms receive these items through the U.S. mail at the address indicated on their W-4 forms.  

More information about methods of employee payment can be found on Payroll Services.

Unclaimed Paychecks

Paychecks that are unclaimed or uncashed by employees become a form of abandoned property and must be reported annually to the D.C. Government Unclaimed Property Unit if they remain unclaimed for a period of over one year from date of issue. Payroll Services will notify employees who have not claimed or cashed their paychecks in an attempt to reissue the payment before turning it over to the D.C. government. Supervisors should contact Payroll Services for information regarding any unclaimed paychecks.

Check Replacement and Cancellation

A replacement check is issued to replace a lost or stolen check after the university has placed a stop payment and receives an electronic confirmation from its bank that the original check has not cleared the bank. Please consult Payroll Services for procedures and more information.

Payroll Calendar

Payroll Services publishes a payroll calendar in advance for each fiscal year every spring shortly after Human Resource Management and Development distributes the holiday schedule for the next fiscal year. The payroll calendar provides deadlines for submitting time and attendance records and the pay dates for the fiscal year. As noted on this calendar, biweekly employees are paid the second Friday following the end of each pay period, and monthly employees are paid on the last business day of the month.