My Voice at GW

My Voice at GW is the new employee engagement process for The George Washington University. Based on feedback we've received from faculty and staff, we are committed to reshaping the way we conduct the employee engagement survey process to better suit the needs of the university community.

The Gallup Q12 is a quick, 12-question survey. Each question addresses a need that leaders can meet to increase their employees’ engagement. In addition, we will work with Gallup to add questions that delve deeper into themes most relevant to GW staff and faculty. We will use the results to inform action planning across the university by providing direct feedback and metrics to managers to better improve team engagement.

What is Gallup?

Gallup is a leading global analytics and advice firm with over 80 years of data collection experience and over 35 million respondents in their employee engagement database. They’ve studied 2.7 million workers across over 100,000 teams to learn what employees need most to perform their best. Along with the Q12, they handle nationwide polling for elections and the CliftonStrengths assessment.

What is Employee Engagement?

Gallup defines employee engagement as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace. It is driven by employees having purpose and meaning in their work and being recognized for their unique contributions. There are basic psychological needs that must be met in order for the employee to perform their work well. Gallup has addressed these needs with each of the Q12 questions.

About the Survey

Each question from the Q12 is designed to address a specific need of an employee. The purpose of the survey is to help employees communicate which needs are or are not being met and give managers an idea of where improvements could be made. The survey is confidential and names will not be shared so employees can feel comfortable providing honest answers.

A recording from one of our Survey Information Sessions is available with additional information about the survey. You can also view our survey FAQ page and email us at [email protected] with any further questions.

Survey Working Groups

The content for this survey was determined based on feedback from multiple working groups across the university. These groups coordinated the operational work behind the survey, participated in faculty and staff stakeholder interviews, or formed an executive committee.

Executive Committee Members

Sabrina Minor HRMD
Tanya Vogel Athletics
Michael Feuer GSEHD
Dorinda Tucker Compliance
Rose Dunnegan Safety & Facilities
Emily Hammond Faculty Affairs
Terri Murphy Academic Affairs
Anne Dean DAR

Action Planning

Each leader will receive aggragate survey results for their school or unit. Individual results are confidential and not shared. Schools and units will receive support for action planning to address concerns specific to their results. Each school or unit will own their action planning and will create goals to address those plans.