Group Legal Program

The group legal program, provided by Legal Resources®, is designed to give you access to professional attorneys and provide protection against high legal fees. Accessing the services provided under this plan are convenient because you have a group of over 16,000 attorneys nationwide available to help you with your legal needs.

You pay for coverage under this plan with after-tax contributions of $19/month that you make through payroll contributions. Enrollment is completed through the GW Benefits Enrollment System.

If you enroll for this benefit, you, your spouse/domestic partner, and your dependent children will have access to a broad range of legal services. The following services are examples of legal matters covered at 100%:

  • Contract/document review of personal legal documents
  • General consultation and advice
  • Will preparation, review, and updates
  • Uncontested Domestic Adoptions
  • Real Estate – buying or selling a home
  • Traffic violations
  • Suspended driver’s license reinstatement assistance
  • Consumer relations and credit protection
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Divorce (uncontested) and legal separation
  • Civil actions as the plaintiff or defendant in District Court and much more!
  • Representation for the following services will be provided at a 25% attorney fee discount:
  • Child support
  • Personal Injury
  • Bankruptcy and more!

Learn more about the legal benefit by using the Legal Resources® Interactive Brochure.

Find in-network law firms and attorneys serving the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas.  For in-network provider information outside the DC -Baltimore area, contact Legal Resources at 800.728.5768 or visit,

You may not cancel your membership in the plan until the annual open enrollment following 12 months of participation. Mid-plan year qualifying life event changes are not permitted for both enrollment and coverage termination; however, you do have the option to cancel your coverage through our GW Benefits Enrollment System, provided you do so within 30 calendar days from your membership’s 12 month anniversary date.