FAQs for Form W-2

Why is my salary not the amount in Box 1?

Box 1 shows your TAXABLE wages for the year. Please remember that this amount is affected by both pre-tax deductions and non-cash taxable income.

How is the amount in Box 1 calculated?

To see how the amount in Box 1 is calculated, please see the information below. You can use your last pay stub to get this information and plug in those amounts

Gross Salary for the year:

ADD non-cash taxable income:

(Tuition, Insurance over 50k, Taxable moving expenses, etc.)

DEDUCT pre-tax deductions:

(Health benefits, Retirement, Transportation, Parking)

NOTE: Retirement deductions for Roth 403(b) are not pre-tax

Total should be the amount in Box 1:

If this does give you the same amount as in Box 1, there may have been adjustments made to your taxable income. Please contact us if you are not aware of what adjustment may have been made.

Why is the amount different in Box 1 and Box 3?

Pre-tax retirement deductions reduce the amount in Box 1 but not Box 3/5.

What do the codes in Box 12 mean?
  • C – Taxable costs of group term life insurance over $50,000
  • E – Elective Deferrals for 403(b)
  • G – Elective Deferrals and Employer Contributions to 457(b)
  • M – Uncollected Social Security tax on taxable cost of group term life insurance over $50,000
  • N – Uncollected Medicare tax on the taxable cost of group term life insurance over $50,000
  • W – Employer Contributions and employee contributions to the Health Savings Plan (HSA)  
  • BB – Roth contributions under a 403(b) plan
  • DD – Cost of employer sponsored health coverage
I’m having trouble printing my W-2.

Trying a different browser usually corrects this problem. Chrome seems to work best.  If you still have a problem printing, Contact Us to mail you a paper copy in the mail.

There is a link above the W-2 that shows the instructions on the back of the form if you would need additional information.

Why can’t I see my full Social Security Number on the W-2?

The full Social Security Number will not show on the W-2 when printed through GWeb or Equifax. To protect your privacy and prevent identify theft, the IRS has authorized only showing the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number on the W-2.

What if I moved and the address on my W-2 is not where I currently live?

Your W-2 is still valid if your previous address is listed on it. The IRS does not require your W-2 to show your current address at the time of filing.

What if I owe money when I file my taxes this year and next year tax return and I want to adjust my taxes?

For help with determining your federal withholding, go to the IRS withholding calculator.

To change your withholding information, you may go to the GWEB Info System, and enter it online or you can get the W-4 form on our website under Payroll Forms.