Leaving the University

When you leave the University, you may elect to temporarily continue to participate in certain University-sponsored benefits or to convert certain coverage to an individual policy directly with the sponsoring insurance company. View our COBRA Benefits page to see the 2020 premiums for health, dental and vision insurance. A printer-friendly version of Continuing Your Benefits (PDF) summarizes information found on this page,

Medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage will terminate at midnight on the last day of the month that you either (1) end your employment or (2) lose eligibility. If you receive medical, dental or vision coverage from another source before your coverage ends with GW, then your new coverage becomes primary.

Contact Information
UnitedHealthcare (UHC): (877) 706‐1739
CVS/Caremark: (877) 357‐4032
Aetna: (877) 238‐6200
UnitedHeathcare Vision: (800) 638‐3120

COBRA provides employees and their covered beneficiaries the option of continuing coverage for group medical,  voluntary dental and/or voluntary vision under the employer group plan for at least 18 months.

PayFlex, GW's COBRA administrator, will notify you of your eligibility* for continuation of coverage, along with an application and rate information.

If you elect to continue your group coverage under COBRA, you should return your completed application and payments directly to PayFlex. You will be responsible for paying 102 percent of the cost of the insurance premium(s).

*Please see the COBRA Open Enrollment Guide for medical, dental and vision plan information.

COBRA Payment Notice: You have 60 days from the date of your COBRA qualifying event or the date of your COBRA packet (whichever is later) to enroll in COBRA. If you elect continuation coverage, you are not required to send payment for continuation coverage with your Election Form. However, you must make your first payment for continuation coverage within 45 days after the date of your election. (This is the date the Election Notice is postmarked, if mailed.)

COBRA participants will want to review unique rates for medical, dental and vision.

Contact Information
PayFlex: (800) 359‐3921

The basic life and AD&D coverage paid by GW and any optional life and/or AD&D coverage you elected for yourself and your family will end on your last day of employment; however, you may be eligible to port or convert some or all of your life insurance coverage. You will receive a notice from Lincoln Financial containing application instructions. Applications for coverage must be received by Lincoln Financial within 31 calendar days from the date your coverage ends. If you have any questions prior to separation, please contact Benefits.

Contact Lincoln Financial:

(877) 321-1015

Please Note: Lincoln Financial will not be able to provide detailed information regarding your eligibility for portability, conversion or coverage cost until your separation has processed through the system.

Your short‐term and long-term disability coverage will end on your last of day employment.

If previously eligible for voluntary short‐term or long-term disability coverage, you will not be covered for any disability that arises after your last day of employment.

GW Paid Short-Term
Disability payments end on your last day of employment, regardless of disability date.

Contact Lincoln Financial:

(800) 210-0268

Your 401(a) base and matching contributions are always fully vested. Your contributions and any earnings will remain invested in your selected funds with your carrier(s) until you elect to begin distributions. If all or a portion of your contracts are invested in the TIAA Traditional Fund, please contact TIAA at the number below for information on the withdrawal schedule. To request a distribution from the Plan, or for more information, please contact your investment fund manager(s) directly.

Your 403(b) contributions are always fully vested. Your contributions and any earnings (if applicable) will
remain invested in your selected funds with your carrier(s) until you elect to begin distributions. Former
employees are eligible to withdraw or roll over funds after the last day of employment. In the event of cash
withdrawal, participants are responsible for any applicable income taxes and penalties for each withdrawal.

To request a distribution from the Plan, or for more information, please contact your investment fund
manager(s) directly.

TIAA: (800) 842-2776
Fidelity: (800) 343-0860
Equitable: (800) 248-2138

The Health Savings Account remains with you after leaving GW. Please see available options for using your HSA.

PayFlex HSA: (800) 284-4885

If you are participating in the 2020 Health Care FSA (HCFSA), your coverage will end on your last date of employment. Claims for eligible health care expenses incurred prior to your last day of employment must be submitted by April 30, 2021.You may continue your HCFSA through COBRA; payments, including an administrative fee, will be on an after-tax basis. Please note: The 75-day grace period is only available to COBRA participants who pay FSA healthcare premiums for the full plan (calendar) year.

The Dependent Day Care FSA (DCFSA) cannot be continued; however, participants may submit claims for eligible expenses incurred prior to December 31 up to contributed amount, regardless of termination date.

PayFlex : (800) 284-4885 or https://www.payflex.com

If you receive tuition benefit coverage and end your employment during the covered semester, Student Accounts will prorate the benefit and issue a bill for the difference; this includes coverage received by you, dependent children and/or spouse. The adjusted benefit is based on your last day of employment or loss of eligibility and the last day of the examination period of the covered semester, not the last day of class.

If you have any questions regarding your adjusted tuition benefit or student account balance, please contact Student Accounts/Colonial Central at (202) 994-9000 or https://colonialcentral.gwu.edu.

If you participated in the group legal plan through Legal Resources, coverage will terminate at midnight on the last day of the month following your last day of employment. You will receive information for continuing coverage from Legal Resources within 45 days of your termination date. If you choose to continue coverage, please send your completed election form with payment directly to Legal Resources.
Contact: Legal Resources (800) 728-5768 or http://legalresources.com

If your final pre-tax deductions have already been processed, benefits will automatically load to your elected SmarTrip card as scheduled. Benefit amounts loaded to your SmartTrip card do not expire.

If you elected the pre-tax parking benefit, your participation in the plan will cease on your last day of employment. Expenses incurred after this date are not eligible for reimbursement. Employees have 90 days from their last day of employment to submit claims; at the end of the 90-day period, unclaimed funds will be forfeited to the plan.

Payroll Services: (571) 553-8508

Prior to leaving GW, please log into the GWEB Information System and verify your home address to ensure that your W-2 form is routed appropriately. If you have a change of address, you must complete a W-4 Federal Tax Withholding form.

You may also submit a W-2 Address Change Request form once you have left GW. Both forms may be downloaded from the Payroll website or obtained from the Faculty Staff Service Center located on the second floor of the University Student Center.

Payroll Services: (571) 553-4277