Training at GW

Professional Development IconTalent and Organizational Development (TOD) is your valuable, people centric partner dedicated to advancing the effectiveness of divisions and schools by providing staff with skills and learning experiences to maximize their full career potential. They offer a wide variety of training programs offering skill enhancement opportunities for staff members by utilizing a blended learning approach to include a variety of instructional strategies.

Custom Training

Training offerings for your department can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. To request custom training, please visit the Professional Development section of this site.

Talent @GW Learning System

A variety of training is also available through [email protected] - Learning. The following links will provide more information for managers on Talent @GW - Learning.

For for further inquiries regarding Talent @GW - Learning, please email [email protected]

Hosting training

If you wish to host training for your department, TOD is available to assist you with managing the training utilizing Talent @GW - Learning.