Performance Management

Performance management check-ins and goal creation are completed online in Talent@GWThe new performance cycle runs from April 1 - March 31.

Two streamlined check-ins between you and your manager happen each performance cycle. At the final check-in at the end of the performance cycle, you will receive an overall rating and comments on your performance. You can read more about these check-ins below.

Staff Performance Management and Salary Planning Guide

Managing Your Performance

Managing your performance is a continuous process. You should communicate openly and often with your manager to discuss performance throughout the year. Touch base with your manager to clarify expectations, get feedback on your progress, and seek mentoring on development. Ask your manager questions to help you achieve your goals.

You will have two check-ins with your manager where you will document your progress and get input:

  1. A midpoint check-in to discuss progress and get feedback
  2. A final check-in that includes a performance rating for the year

Check-in discussions encourage ongoing communication between you and your manager about performance and development and provide you with a way to clarify what is expected of you. They also give your manager an opportunity to provide coaching and recognize your contributions. Talent@GW will automatically prompt employees and managers to complete the steps below.



NOTE: In order to complete the final check-in, you must have already established goals in Talent@GW - Performance, and your manager must have approved them.

Midpoint check-in

1. You will be prompted to complete a self assessment in Talent@GW.

2. Your manager will provide feedback on your overall performance and answer two questions about your performance.

3. You and your manager will meet to discuss your review and sign off on the check-in.

Final check-in and goal setting

Final check-in

1. You will be prompted to complete a self assessment in Talent@GW - Performance.

2. Your manager will look at your goal progress, make overall comments, and answer two questions about your performance. 

3. Your manager will provide a performance rating for your work over the course of the performance year.

  • Exceeds Expectations: Performance consistently exceeded expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, and the quality of work overall was excellent to the point of being atypical.
  • Achieves Expectations: Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, at times possibly exceeding expectations, and the quality of work overall was very good.
  • Needs Improvement: Performance did not consistently meet expectations and/or approved goals were not met in essential areas of responsibility. Development is recommended to produce expected results.

4. The check-in will be submitted to your manager’s manager, known as your “Next Level Approver.” The Next Level Approver ensures accurate and consistent assessment of employee performance for their area of responsibility.

5. You and your manager will meet to discuss your check-in and rating, you will both sign off on the final check-in, and you will review your drafted goals for the next performance year.

Set goals for the next performance cycle

1. Work with your manager to set goals in Talent@GW based on your department and school/division’s priorities.

2. Once you submit goals in Talent@GW, your manager will be prompted to approve them.

3. Goals can be edited, added, and/or cancelled at any point in Talent@GW. Any changes will prompt manager approval.

Setting Goals for Success Training

Talent and Organizational Development is offering training on setting goals for the 2024-2025 performance year. You can also watch a recorded version of the training in Talent@GW.

Date Time Link to virtual session
Friday, June 24, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Register for this session



2024 - 2025 Performance Dates

Final Check-in  
Self Assessment Begins March 27
Self Assessment Due April 4*
Manager Review Due April 18
Next Level Approver Due April 25
Performance Ratings Released June 27
Sign off and Performance Discussion June 27 - July 12
*Self Assessments will forward to the manager step automatically at 12:00AM EST on April 5.

Manager Training - 2024 Performance Management Basics for Managers

Talent and Organizational Development (TOD) offers training sessions to support managers during the final check-in At this time, all manager sessions have been completed. Managers can view the presentation from the training: 2024 Performance Basics for Managers (PDF).

Employee Training - 2024 Performance Management Basics for Employees

Talent and Organizational Development (TOD) offers training sessions to support employees during the final check-in. At this time, all staff sessions have been completed. Staff can view presentation from the training: 2024 Performance Basics Presentation (PDF).

Office Hours

Office hours are drop-in and open to all. TOD will be available to answer questions on the performance management process and using the Talent@GW system.  Office hours have wrapped for the 2024 Performance Year. If you need assistance please reach out to [email protected].

Who to contact with questions

Please contact the HR Business Partner for your division or school with any questions related to the Performance Management process or the Introductory Employment Period (IEP). Your HR Business Partner can provide guidance, help you resolve issues, and collect any paperwork related to the IEP.