Your First Day

We are delighted you are joining the GW community. As you prepare to start your career at GW, please familiarize yourself with these important deadlines and requirements, which need to be completed on or before your first day of employment. Most employees will have New Employee Orientation on their first day. Please consult your offer letter to determine the date you are scheduled for orientation.

On or Before Your First Day:

Important Deadlines and Requirements:

  • Check your offer letter or ask your manager to confirm which New Employee Orientation you are scheduled to attend.

  • Turn in important paperwork at the Faculty & Staff Service Center (FSSC) in Foggy Bottom, to the HRIS staff on the Virginia Science & Technology Campus, or with the help of your local Human Resources representative:

  • Sign up for your UserID. Your GW UserID is a single username, with a corresponding password, that gives you access to the MyGW Portal, wireless networks, GW email, and other GW systems. Please verify your GW UserID as soon as you receive the email with the link from IT.
  • Obtain a GWorld card (employee ID card) from the GWorld office. New Employees will be able to obtain GWorld cards during New Employee Orientation. 

Connect with Your Department:

  • Before your first day, you can learn about your department's expectations by contacting the manager who hired you or your Human Resources representative. Questions to ask:

    • What is the preferred attire in the group/department?

    • Will I have a schedule for my first days, e.g. for meetings or required training?
    • Should I bring lunch my first day in the department?
  • Once you begin your new position, you should connect with your manager to learn about the responsibilities, challenges, and expectations of your position. Ask your manager questions such as:
    • Are there regular meetings I am expected to attend? Are there special activities or certain days of the week when events take place?
    • What training is required for my new position? How soon do I need to complete the training? Once I complete the required training, what additional recommended training is available that may be helpful?
    • What projects will I be working on initially? Will I be able to get a list from you as to whom I should contact to be brought up to speed? What are the deadlines?
    • For my first assignment, what decisions can be made without input, and what types of decisions need input from managers, or broader input, such as from clients or stakeholders?
    • Which policies should I review in my first few weeks? (Many policies apply only to certain job roles or responsibilities.)
  • Find more resources for connecting and working with your new colleagues in the Professional Growth section of this site.

Get to Know GW:

There are many benefits and resources available to you as a GW employee. The resources compiled here will help you to transition and understand your options. Many of these resources will also be covered in your New Employee Orientation and in webinars your first week of employment, which will provide time to answer any questions you may have.