Benefits Enrollment and Changes

Supporting Documentation Deadlines

Review the deadlines below and acceptable supporting documention to make benefits changes when you experience a Qualified Life Event.

Instructions for each Qualified Life Event type is noted below.

  • 30 calendar days: The period of time new hires, and employees who switch to a benefits-eligible status, have to enroll in benefits.

  • 30 calendar days from the event: The period of time employees have to make changes if they experienced a qualifying life event (as defined by the IRS, such as marriage, losing coverage under a spouse, etc.) 
  • 60 calendar days: The period of time employees have to make benefits changes for a birth or adoption life event.

Supporting Documentation:

In order to cover your family members, GW needs to verify dependent eligibility. Dependent coverage is pending until documentation is received and verified.

You may upload documentation directly into the EasyEnroll system during the benefits election process. Or, you may submit supporting documentation by mail, fax or email.

If you are adding a dependent to your coverage, you must provide the following documentation to complete enrollment:

  • Spouse – marriage certificate or a copy of last year’s tax returns
  • Child – birth certificate or other proof of birth
  • Common-Law Marriage Partner – Declaration of Common-Law Form
  • Domestic Partner – Declaration of Domestic Partnership form (including three supporting documents); Or, you may submit a government issued Certificate of Domestic Partnership.

Step 1: Log in to EasyEnroll and enter your Qualified Life Event; EasyEnroll has single sign-on capability when logging on from a GW-provided computer. 
Step 2: Gather supporting documentation of the life event.
Step 3: Upload your supporting documentation directly to the EasyEnroll site during the benefit election process. Or, you may also send all supporting documentation to Benefits via fax (571) 553-8385 or email: [email protected].

Benefits Changes Due To Qualified Life Events

Benefit changes must be consistent with your life event. For example, if you have a baby, you may add the baby to your medical coverage. You cannot, however, drop dental coverage for other family members at this time.

Select the qualified life event you have recently experienced to understand the steps you need to take to make benefits changes.