Plan and Strategize

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The steps in this section will help you to prepare for a successful and efficient competitive recruitment process.


Steps for Planning and Strategizing

  1. Define the Position. The hiring manager and the HR Business Partner meet to perform a job analysis. A job analysis provides a way to develop an understanding of the job by examining the tasks performed in the job, the competencies required to perform those tasks, and the connection between the tasks and competencies. Information from the job analysis will be used to determine the position classification and hiring pay range.

    • If needed, the HR representatives can consult the Compensation team in Human Resource Management and Development for additional expert guidance on establishing the appropriate position classification.

  2. Create the Position Description and Submit for Approval in PeopleAdmin. The HR representative submits the position description through PeopleAdmin. Depending on the department’s approval structure, the approvals may include the hiring manager, director, finance director, administrative/dean head.

  3. Develop a Recruitment Strategy. The hiring manager develops a recruitment strategy.

    • The recruitment strategy is a comprehensive blueprint for helping you identify the qualities you are looking for in applicants, the timeframe of the competitive recruitment process, where you should target advertising, and the logistics plan of the competitive recruitment. See Steps to Developing a Competitive Recruitment Strategy. Information gathered from the recruitment strategy will be used to focus on the following elements of competitive recruitment:

      • Development of the job posting

          Recruitment Resource: Position Posting Guidelines (PDF)

      • Selection of advertising sources (internal and external websites, job boards, etc.)

      • Determination of an applicant sourcing strategy. Sourcing is the proactive searching for qualified job applicants.

      • Development of a résumé review and interview implementation plan that includes a recruitment timeline

          Recruitment Resource: Résumé Review and Interview Implementation Plan (PDF)

  4. Form a Search Committee. The hiring manager forms a search committee to participate (applicant screening, interviews, etc.) in the competitive recruitment process. See Forming a Search Committee.

  5. Prepare for How to Handle Internal Employees Who Apply. See When GW Employees Are Applicants for considerations.