Employee Clocking Options

Below is information to assist your departments and employees who are working remotely to ensure that all time worked is recorded per university policy. The time reporting system phone number is (202) 994-2274.

Confirm with your manager what time stamp method is used.  Managers retain the right to mandate how employees record their time. For example, departments may require phone punching from a designated physical location or phone. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Phone Time Stamp (Employees with multiple positions can only use phone):

Cell Phone or Land Line Employees may use any phone to clock in and out. 
Webex Unified Client Employees with a GW phone number can download Webex Unified Client from the IT website onto their computers and use it as an internet phone to clock in and out.  The audit trail will reflect the GW phone number.



A commercially available VOIP/internet phone may also be used to clock in and out.
Time Zone All recorded time will be recorded as US Eastern Daylight Savings time no matter where the employee is working.

Mobile Time Stamp:

Mobile Time Stamp Employees with one position can use UKG Workforce Central Mobile app and time stamp from any location

PC Time Stamp:

PC Time Stamp Employees with one position can use a computer to time stamp from any location

No Electronic Options:

Create Manual Record Employees should record precise times worked and send them to their timekeeper for entry into Kronos before payroll processing Tuesday.  Please retain the record for 3 years with your timekeeping archives.