SmartBenefits Enrollment, Changes, and Termination

SmarTrip Card
  • If you do not have a SmarTrip card and this is your first time enrolling in the program, you can receive one free card from Payroll Services. Please email [email protected] for information about receiving the card.  
  • You may also use one you presently own or purchase one directly from a Metro station or the WMATA website. SmarTrip cards are also available on iPhones and Androids.  Please visit the Buy SmarTrip section of the WMATA site for more information. Before you can enroll in SmartBenefits, your SmarTrip card MUST be registered in your name. The quick and easy process requires you to create an online account and then add the card to your account. 
  • Use your SmarTrip card immediately by adding personal funds to your card at any Metro fare card machine or the WMATA website.
Enroll in SmartBenefits and Make Changes
  • To enroll in SmartBenefits, use this Smart Benefits Brochure and this Join SmartBenefits Guide to assist you with enrolling online.  The organization code is W4Ru5E6y.  
  • You do not have to use all of your SmartBenefits within a month's time.  They remain on your card until you use them.  Any funds not used will rollover into the next month.
  • To make a change to your monthly amount or benefit category, login to WMATA and follow the SmartBenefits Self-Service Guide (PDF).  You may enroll, change, or terminate the benefit any time during the year following participation deadlines. 
  • Please ensure the program you select is accurate and cancel when necessary keeping participation deadlines in mind because due to IRS regulations, we do not process refunds for SmartBenefits. 
  • Visit the Payroll Self-Service page for instructions on Accessing your Paystub to view your payroll deductions. The How to Use SmartBenefits section of the WMATA site provides helpful information.
Participation Deadlines
  • Monthly paid employees - New enrollments, changes or terminations must be received by the 10th of the month in order for the benefit to be available the first day of the following month.
  • Bi-Weekly paid employees - New enrollments, changes or terminations must be received two weeks prior to the first pay of the month in which the deduction is effective. The deductions are only taken the first two pay periods of a month and are available the first day of the following month. Bi-weekly paid employees may not terminate their benefits after the first deduction of the month has been processed.
  • You can follow the SmartBenefits Self-Service Guide (PDF) to View and Manage Benefits, and you will see the earliest date your selections will be effective.
Non-Benefit Eligible Employees
  • The SmartBenefits program has been expanded to include part-time, student and temporary employees who are otherwise not eligible for benefits. The participation and form submission guidelines are the same as those for benefited employees, however the funding schedule and organization code differ.
  • Non-Benefit Eligible Employees need to use KolUURA9 for the organization code.
  • New enrollments, deduction changes and termination requests for monthly paid non-benefit eligible employees must be received by the 10th of the month in order for the benefit to be available on the first day of the second month. 
  • Bi-weekly paid non-benefit eligible employees must submit their enrollment, change or termination no later than two weeks prior to the first pay of the month.  Once it has been determined that the deduction has been taken for both pay periods, employees will be eligible to receive the benefit effective the 1st day of the second month.   
  • Deductions taken in the month of January for both monthly and bi-weekly paid employees will be available for use on March 1.