Temporary Employment

The university employs individuals in non-student temporary wage positions to provide operational and staffing guidance to department managers who may need to hire temporary employees. Temporary employees are “at-will” employees, and accordingly, they or the university may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause.

If a non-student wage account is the most appropriate action, realistic expectations are set related to turnaround time, proposed start date, hourly wage rate, length of assignment, and any other important considerations. Work with your HR representative to decide on the most appropriate staffing action to facilitate your hiring objective. Your HR representative will ensure that the appropriate paperwork is completed and approved for your temporary hire.

Duration of Temporary Assignments

Non-student temporary wage positions should be assigned for a short period. Non-student temporary wage assignments should not exceed twelve months, with an absolute maximum of eighteen months (up to forty-two months is permissible for temporary non-student research wage hires). If it becomes necessary to retain non-research, non-student temporary wage employee for more than eighteen months (or more than forty-two months for temporary non-student research wage hires), the department must submit a Request to Extend Temporary Job form to EEO prior to the end of assignment.


ColonialTemps is GW's internal temporary staffing service created to provide temporary staff for departments throughout the university. ColonialTemps can identify and fill a variety of temporary roles including but not limited to administrative, financial, and technical, and are often substantially less expensive than resources from external temporary agencies.

ColonialTemps will work with you and your HR representative to find an appropriate candidate for the temporary assignment and to ensure that the necessary paperwork is completed in order to hire your selected candidate.

For more information, please see the ColonialTemps page.

ColonialTemps hired for temporary assignments are GW non-benefits eligible employees except under applicable law(s).

ColonialTemps undergo a standard background screening. Non-standard checks, such as credit history checks, are conducted based on the requirements of the assignment.