Benefits Changes Due to Divorce or Legal Separation

Use the following details to make changes to your benefits if you experience a separation or divorce:

Remove your spouse from your health, dental and vision insurance

  • Complete your enrollment change online via Easy Enroll. Please keep in mind that a copy of the divorce decree or legal separation document validating this qualifying event must be provided to Benefits within 60 calendar days of the divorce date
  • You can change the health, dental or vision plan(s) in which you or your family is enrolled. If you are adding dependents to your health plan(s); documentation will also be required to verify dependent eligibility and must be submitted within 60 calendar days from the divorce date.
  • Insurance premiums are not prorated. Regardless of the date of divorce, you are financially responsible for the entire month of insurance premiums.

Remove your spouse from life insurance

  • Waive your spouse life insurance via EasyEnroll.
  • Change your life insurance beneficiaries through EasyEnroll.

Effective Date of Changes

  • If approved, changes made to your benefits due to a divorce or legal separation are effective the first of the month following the date that Benefits receives your supporting documentation - as long as it is received and your online changes are completed within 60 calendar days from the life event date.

Change your personal information

Update your beneficiary information:

  • Update your GW Retirement Savings plan beneficiary designation with your provider (Fidelity or TIAA)
  • Update your HSA beneficiary designation with PayFlex