COBRA Participants Open Enrollment Benefits Overview

  2024 Open Enrollment Period: October 9 - 27, 2023




Dear George Washington University COBRA Participant,

Our records indicate that you are newly eligible or are currently enrolled in the COBRA benefit continuation program through bswift. As a COBRA eligible participant, you have the opportunity to elect or change your benefits coverage, including adding or removing dependents during the annual Open Enrollment for the upcoming year. The Open Enrollment period will begin on Monday, October 9, 2023, and closes at 8 p.m. (ET) on Friday, October 27, 2023 with any changes effective January 1, 2024. 

Any changes requested to your health and welfare plans after the Open Enrollment period will require a Qualified Life Event (QLE), such as a change in marital status, spouse’s work status or coverage, etc.

To review the full benefits guide and rate information coming soon for 2024, please visit and click on "COBRA."


Benefits Overview

It is important to prioritize your health and well-being goals. Open Enrollment 2024 provides the opportunity for you to reevaluate your current benefits and make choices for the year ahead that will allow you to maximize your health and well-being.

Please take a moment to review this summary of what’s changing and what’s staying the same for the upcoming year.


What’s Changing for 2024

Please take a moment to review this summary of what’s changing  for the upcoming year including medical, dental and vision contributions.




2024 Medical Contribution Overview

GW will continue to offer the GW PPO and HSP medical plan with CVS prescription coverage for COBRA recipients and their dependents under age 65. Plan participants will see an increase of 8.8% in premiums.

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2024 Vision Contribution Overview

Vision coverage contributions for plan participants will increase 1.5% across all plans and coverage tiers. The monthly contribution increase will be less than $1 across both plans and all coverage levels. There will be no changes to coverage.

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Your UHC Vision plan includes express vision exams (some state restrictions apply), a broad pediatric vision benefitexpanded benefits for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and a hearing discount.



2024 Dental Contribution Overview

Dental contributions will increase across all three dental plan options and each coverage tier by approximately 4%. The monthly contributions will increase between $2 and $6 depending on your plan and coverage tier. There will be no changes to coverage.

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What's New for 2024

Review the information below regarding a new prescription program for specialty medications included in the GW HSP for 2024.


New! PrudentRx via the GW HSP Pharmacy Benefit

Beginning in January, PrudentRx for specialty medications will be included in the GW HSP Pharmacy Benefit (Note: This program is currently included in the GW PPO Pharmacy Benefit.) This program is designed to lower your out-of-pocket costs by facilitating enrollment in drug manufacturers discount copay cards/assistance programs. When enrolled in PrudentRx, once you’ve met your combined deductible, your out-of-pocket cost will be $0* for medications included on the PrudentRx exclusive specialty drug list.

If you opt out, you will be responsible for the 30% coinsurance. Payments made by you for a medication that does not qualify as an essential health benefit, will not count toward your out-of-pocket maximum. 

*HSP participants must meet their combined medical/prescription deductible before the out-of-pocket cost will be $0.

Once enrolled in the GW HSP plan, you will be contacted via phone to enroll in PrudentRx at the time of your first specialty fill for plan year 2024. You must complete any additional enrollment steps with PrudentRx to receive the $0 benefit when applicable. Note: HSP participants must meet their combined medical/prescription deductible before the out-of-pocket cost will be $0.

IMPORTANT: Members must enroll in the PrudentRx program to access $0 copay benefits. Formulary exclusions will supersede this list.

If a participant’s specialty medication is not on the PrudentRx list, then the brand formulary or brand non-formulary plan design will apply.

For additional information, visit



What's Staying the Same for 2024?


  • Medical Plan Features/Programs
    • Centers of Excellence
    • Freestanding Imaging and Labs Preferred Network
    • GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) Benefit Coverage Tier on the LTD PPO medical plan
    • Virtual Visits
  • Prescription Plan Features/Programs
    • Diabetes Management Program
    • Mandatory Maintenance Choice-All Access Opt Out
    • PrudentRx available via the GW PPO Pharmacy Benefit



GW Benefits Enrollment System: How to make elections for 2024

Your eligible 2023 benefit elections will roll over to 2024. If you do not wish to make any changes, no action is needed; however, we do recommend that you review your current elections to ensure that they still provide the coverage you need.

If you are enrolled in benefits through bswift: Beginning October 9, 2023, you may log in to the GW Benefits Enrollment System at to review, change or select your benefits options. You may log in to the enrollment system and make changes as often as you would like during the three-week Open Enrollment period.

The deadline to make changes is 8 p.m. (ET) on October 27, 2023. New plan elections and / or coverage level changes will become effective January 1, 2024.

If adding a dependent for the first time, you may upload your supporting documentation directly into the enrollment system or scan and email your dependent documentation to GW Benefits, [email protected] or mail to 44983 Knoll Square, Suite 391, Ashburn, VA 20147  by Friday, November 3, 2023. Dependent enrollment is pending until documentation is received and verified.

If emailing your supporting documentation, please send encrypted.


Flu Shots

COBRA recipients covered by a GW medical plan can visit area pharmacies and convenience care clinics to receive a flu shot at no cost. GW medical plan participants will need to show their CVS Caremark ID card at the time of your flu shot. If you are not covered on a GW medical plan, please verify costs with your health insurance company.  Most plans will cover the full cost of seasonal flu shots.


COBRA Premium Payments

Once you make your Open Enrollment coverage selection(s), you will receive a coupon book after the Open Enrollment period has ended, which you can use to submit your payments to bswift beginning January 2024 and going forward. Note: your monthly plan cost(s) may change for the new plan year even if you do not make any changes to your coverage.


Reminder: 1095-C Tax Form Electronic Consent

Did You Know that you can receive your 1095-C form electronically?  Save time, support sustainability, and keep things secure. Login to to complete your online consent form to receive your 1095-C electronically. Once available, your form will be securely posted and stored to your employee file.

What is a Form 1095-C?

Eligible plan participants will receive a Form 1095-C tax document annually, which reports information about your medical coverage.

While you will not need to include your 1095-C with your tax return filing, or send it to the IRS, you may need information from your 1095-C to help complete your tax return.  Think of it as your “proof of medical insurance” for the IRS.


Please contact the GW Benefits Call Center at (866) 365-2413 or email [email protected] for questions about benefits coverage, plan eligibility, or enrollment assistance. 

Call Center Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.