Loss of Coverage

Losing other insurance coverage may allow you to make changes to your GW benefits.

Change your health insurance enrollment

  • If you lose eligibility for another insurance plan, you may elect health, dental, and vision benefits via go.gwu.edu/enroll4benefits in advance of the loss of coverage date. You will need to send Benefits a certificate of credible coverage from your previous insurer showing the last date of insurance or a letter from the employer on company letterhead stating when your coverage will end.

  • If approved, changes made to your benefits due to loss of coverage are effective the first of the month following the date that Benefits receives your supporting documentation - as long as it is received and your online changes are completed within 30 calendar days from the life event.

    • For example, if your other coverage is ending 11/30 and you wish to have GW coverage begin 12/1, you must provide your supporting documentation to Benefits no later than 11/30.
    • You then will have 30 calendar days from the life event date to enter your online changes. The coverage changes, if approved, will be retro to 12/1.

Examples of when coverage is effective assuming the insurance coverage was lost on November 30:

If All Paperwork Is Received By: The Change Will Be Effective On: 
November 30th December 1st
December 1 - 30th January 1st
December 31st You have missed the the 30 calendar day deadline and may not make changes to your coverage