Benefits Changes - Declaring or Terminating a Domestic Partnership

Please use the information below to make changes to your benefits. Please keep in mind that you can add/remove your partner; however, you cannot change the health, dental or vision plans in which you are enrolled. Regardless of the date your partner was added or dropped, you are financially responsible for the entire month of insurance premiums.

Changes can be made on

For Newly Eligible Partners

  • To add your partner to your health, dental or vision insurance, fill out the declaration of domestic partnership form located in the forms section on the benefits website and provide 3 supporting documents listed in the form. Please note a Certificate of Domestic Partnership may be submitted along with the declaration form in lieu of the three supporting documents. Documentation validating your newly eligible domestic partnership must be submitted to Benefits within 30 calendar days from the event date.

  • IRS regulations mandate that the value of GW's contributions to health care benefits for domestic partners and their children be considered imputed income to the employee. This means you may pay imputed income on their coverage depending on the IRS tax status noted on your declaration form.

Effective Date of Changes

If approved, changes made to your benefits due to newly adding your domestic partner are effective the first of the month following the date that Benefits receives your supporting documentation - as long as it is received and your online changes are completed within 30 calendar days from the life event.

Termination a Domestic Partnership

  • To remove your partner from your health plans, please fill out the dissolution of domestic partnership form located in the forms section on the benefits website and submit it to Benefits within 30 calendar days from the dissolution date.

  • Benefit changes will be effective the 1st of the month following receipt of documentation—as long as you complete your online enrollment and submit your dissolution of domestic partnership form to Benefits within 30 calendar days from the dissolution date.