Introductory Employment Period

The Introductory Employment Period (IEP) is the first 90 days of employment following your hire, transfer, or promotion into a GW benefited staff position (including research staff). During this period, your performance will be evaluated and your manager will conduct an Introductory Performance Review in Talent@GW at the completion of 90 days in your new position. Follow the guidance below to optimize your performance during your IEP.

Resources for Managers:

First 30 Days

  • Carefully review your job description with your manager to clarify roles and responsibilities. Discuss what your priorities will be during the IEP. Use these priorities to set goals you will discuss with your manager throughout your IEP. Enter these goals (PDF) into Talent@GW, and ask your manager to review and approve them. 
  • Engage your manager in regular communication to clarify the performance expectations of your position. Use the Clarifying Expectations Tool (PDF) to align expectations.
  • Follow the guidance on the “Your First Day” page.

First 45 days

  • Schedule an informal discussion with your manager around day 45 (halfway through the Introductory Employment Period) to discuss your progress toward meeting performance expectations.
  • You will review your priorities and goals with your manager and make changes in Talent@GW if applicable (remember to ask your manager to approve any changes to your goals in Talent@GW).

First 90 days

  • Continue to engage your manager in regular communication about your performance as well as their expectations. Solicit coaching, feedback, and give recognition to establish continuous development.
  • At the end of the 90-day period, your manager will complete an Introductory Employment Period Review in Talent@GW and discuss your performance with you. Your manager will formally communicate whether or not you have successfully completed the Introductory Employment Period.

After successful completion of the IEP

  • Collaborating with your manager to determine if your goals should be updated and refined for the current performance year, or if new goals need to be entered for the upcoming performance cycle.
  • If you need additional guidance, please contact your HR Business Partner or Talent and Organizational Development at [email protected].
  • Understand how your start date affects the merit process for your first year:

GW typically rewards employee performance by providing an increase in base salary through the annual performance review process. Based on the performance rating provided by each employee's manager during the Performance Review, a merit increase is provided in line with GW's pay-for-performance philosophy. Eligibility for merit is typically dependent on an employee's start date in their job.

Job Start Date Merit Eligibility (Current Cycle)

Prior to 12/31

Eligible for full merit amount

1/1 - 3/31

Eligible for a prorated incentive, paid in December

4/1 - 6/30

Ineligible for current cycle merit award; eligible for next cycle consideration