TRS - Managing Time as a Timekeeper


Managing Time as a Timekeeper

We're thrilled to unveil the upgraded UKG Time Reporting System (TRS) launching this July. We recognize the critical role timekeepers play in ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. The upgraded GW TRS is designed with your needs in mind, offering enhanced functionality and a streamlined interface to simplify your workflow. With intuitive features for time tracking, reporting, and managing employee hours, you'll have the tools you need to excel in your role.

Join us in embracing this exciting advancement in time reporting technology. Together, let's continue to uphold our commitment to accuracy and excellence in timekeeping at GW.


  Navigating the Changes


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  What's New / Changing


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Get ready for an enhanced time reporting experience with the upcoming launch of the upgraded GW TRS.

  • Customizable Homepage: Tailor your GW TRS homepage with customizable tiles for quicker access to essential functions.
  • Multiple Assignments: Timekeepers can now effortlessly manage all staff assignments, including secondary positions, from a single interface.
  • Self-Service Missed Punches: Non-exempt employees can now record missed punches themselves, streamlining the process for manager/timekeeper approval.
  • Loaded Schedules for Benefits-Eligible Staff: Benefit-eligible staff will have their schedules preloaded into the system, simplifying timekeeping, holiday planning, and time off requests.
  • Federal Work Study Balances: Managers and timekeepers can monitor Federal Work-Study award balances, enhancing compliance and oversight.

These exciting new features and changes are designed to streamline time reporting processes, empower employees, and support effective workforce management.

Get ready to experience a more efficient and user-friendly time-reporting system at GW!

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Accessibility improvements in GW TRS will comply with ADA standards for better usability.
  • Rounding Rules: The system will no longer round punches to the quarter hour.  The system will record and post the exact punch to the timecard.  Union employees should check with their collective bargaining agreement.
  • Preferred Name Display: Employees' preferred names will be used in GW TRS, fostering a more personalized experience.
  • Secondary Employee Visibility: Secondary employees will now be visible in GW TRS before clocking in, eliminating delays in attendance records.
  • Expanded Punch Recording: Non-exempt employees will have additional options to record punches, enhancing flexibility in time tracking.
  • Multiple Roles Support: Easily switch between roles within GW TRS for smoother task management.
  • Labor (percent) Allocation: Labor (percent) allocation will no longer be used in GW TRS, Banner will be the system of record for labor allocations.

These exciting new features and changes are designed to streamline time reporting processes, empower employees, and support effective workforce management.

Get ready to experience a more efficient and user-friendly time-reporting system at GW!


  What's Staying the Same


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While changes are on the horizon with the upgraded GW TRS, rest assured that several aspects will remain consistent.

Here's what's staying the same:

  • Clocking In and Out: Non-exempt employees will still need to clock in and out as usual to record their working hours accurately.

  • Approval Process: Timekeepers will continue to be responsible for approving biweekly hours to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Access after Training: Timekeeping access will still require completion of training, ensuring that users are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to use the system effectively.

  • Punch Collection Methods: Punches will continue to be collected via phone, web, and mobile app, providing flexibility and accessibility for employees to record their time accurately.

Note: UPD covered by a CBA and medical residents will continue to use their current time off tracking systems.


  How to Prepare

  Tools and Training


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We invite you to visit the How to Prepare section of this page to review on-demand resources highlighting some of the new features of the GW TRS or join a training or office hours session to help you get more acquainted with the enhancements.  We encourage you to download the UKG Timekeeper Training & Basic Schedule Manual (PDF) and visit the GW TRS Practice Exercises page in advance of the training session.  Also available are the Task Instructions for Keyboard and Screen Reader Users for UKG Dimensions (PDF).

Upcoming Training Sessions


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  Frequently Asked Questions


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This FAQ is a living document and will continue to be updated as more questions arise and more information becomes available. 

What is UKG Time Reporting System?

GW Time Reporting System (TRS), formerly known as UKG TRS and Kronos, serves as our comprehensive solution for tracking and recording employee hours worked and time off taken. Its primary goal is to ensure accurate and timely payment for all employees, while also facilitating efficient management of schedules and time off requests.

As of July 7, 2024, GW will introduce an upgraded version of TRS, aptly named GW TRS. This enhanced platform builds upon the functionality of its predecessors, offering new features and improvements to further streamline time management processes and enhance user experience.

GW TRS represents our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that support both employee needs and organizational efficiency.

Will training be provided?

We will offer a range of training options including virtual sessions, online videos, step-by-step user guides, office hours, and more.  We encourage users to check back regularly to the Tools and Training Section of this page for learning opportunities and updates.

How do hourly employees record their time in the upgraded Time Reporting System?

Hourly employees will be able to time stamp by phone, PC browser, and mobile app.

Note: You must enable location services if you clock in and out using mobile.

Do managers or timekeepers need to submit a request for security access?

Managers will automatically be given access to GW TRS for their direct reports to manage time off.

New timekeepers will still need to follow the process on the Timekeepers Training section of the Payroll website to gain access.

What if I work in a state with different meal deductions or overtime rules?

Ensure your work location address is correct in GWeb, and your overtime will be calculated per state rules.


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