UKG Workforce Mobile User Agreement and Authorization

I have elected to install and utilize the UKG Workforce Mobile Application (“Mobile App”) on my personal mobile device for purposes of reporting my work-related time and attendance and reviewing time and attendance related information. I understand that my installation and use of the Mobile App is optional  and  not  required  by  the  George Washington University ("GW") as a condition of  my  employment  but  instead is made available for my convenience in the reporting of time and attendance requirements. While the Mobile App is made available to me by UKG free of charge, I understand that I am solely responsible for any data charges associated with the downloading or use of the Mobile App.  I further understand that by downloading and installing the Mobile App, I am bound by any terms and conditions of UKG End-User License Agreement governing the use of the Mobile App. (The End-User License Agreement may be accessed via the Mobile App under the “Settings\UKG Legal” menu.)

I confirm that I have read and understood the UKG Privacy Notice, which describes UKG’s privacy practices (collection and use of my personally identifiable information) in connection with my use of UKG Workforce Mobile Application.

In addition, I understand that the Mobile App has a global-positioning system (GPS) interface that records my location whenever I clock-in or –out using the Mobile App but that the interface does not record locational data at any other time. I recognize that all data entered into or generated by the Mobile App is an official record of GW and that I have no proprietary interest in or expectation of privacy with respect to such data. I understand that GW will have access to the data entered into or generated by the Mobile App, including locational data, and agree that GW may use such data for any lawful purpose.

I finally agree to safeguard and keep confidential both the UserID  and  Password issued to or created by me for purposes of accessing the Mobile  App  and UKG Workforce Central. I understand that the sharing of my UserID and/or Password is not allowed and constitutes unauthorized use of GW resources. I further agree to inform my supervisor or department head immediately if my mobile device is lost or stolen or if I have any reason to  believe  that  the  security  of  my  mobile  device or the Mobile App has been compromised.