Join SmartBenefits Guide

Click on Join SmartBenefits from the Card Summary screen.

Screenshot card summary wmata page with red box around join smartbenefits


Enter our Organization Code (W4Ru5E6y for Benefit Eligible employees or KolUURA9 for Non-Benefit Eligible employees), check the “I have read” box, and Click Submit.

Screenshot wmata smartbenefits enrollment request with red box around check box and submit


Click Yes.

Screenshot verify organization with red box around yes


Check your info.  Deadlines differ for monthly and biweekly employees, so depending on when you register, the earliest start date may be later than stated.  Click Continue. 

Screenshot enrollment request review with red box around continue


Enter the amount(s) on the applicable line(s) and Click Continue.  Metro is for Transit, Metro Transit Pass is for the Monthly Unlimited Pass, and Parking at Metrorail station is for Parking.  $40 is the minimum for Transit and Parking and need to be in a multiple of $10.  Visit the WMATA site for Transit Pass information. 

Screenshot desired monthly commuter benefit amount with red box around continue


Check your selection.  Click Continue.  If you enter a desired benefit that meets the requirements and it is not available, contact [email protected] for assistance. 

Screenshot commuter benefit category match with red boxes around perfect match selection and continue


Click Confirm.

Screenshot verify commuter benefit category with red box around confirm


You will see the confirmation screen.  You will receive an email from the system when your request has been approved.  The timing of the approval depends on your deadline.  Click Close.

Screenshot confirmation of request submitted with red box around close