Time Reporting Systems

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It is the university’s policy to pay all employees for time worked in an accurate and timely manner, in accordance with applicable laws, and to maintain required supporting documents and records.



The university uses an automated Time Reporting System (TRS) to record time worked in order to:

  • Collect the data necessary to pay employees in an accurate and timely manner
  • Record paid and unpaid absences from work
  • Track compliance with appropriate governmental regulations
  • Maintain required supporting documentation
  • Allocate an employee's pay to multiple jobs (labor distribution)

Responsibility for Accurate Time Reporting

Employees and their immediate supervisors are responsible for accurate and timely reporting of employee time and attendance. Nonexempt employees must assume responsibility for accurately reporting their hours worked on a daily basis. Managers must review, approve, and report all hours worked and any paid or unpaid time off for a nonexempt employee.

Employees may only enter time for themselves from locations approved by their managers. Employees and managers found to be reporting time and attendance information improperly are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Please refer to the Payroll website section on Time Reporting for additional information.

Manager Responsibilities

Managers are responsible for:

  • Knowing and complying with the basic provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and university policies that govern hours worked; meal periods; overtime pay; and premium pay for shifts, weekends, and on-call periods, including provisions of collective bargaining agreements as appropriate.
  • Informing all employees of the importance of adhering to the university's policies and departmental practices related to time worked.
  • Approving pay reports regularly and approving corrections of any erroneous or missed entries in a timely manner.
  • Reviewing and approving time worked, leave time, and overtime before transmitting time to payroll or the appropriate Timekeeper in accordance with the biweekly payroll calendar.
  • Reviewing, approving, and sending to Payroll Services or the appropriate Timekeeper any manual time sheets no later than the due date noted on the payroll calendar.
  • Signing and approving pay reports.
  • Maintaining leave administration records for all full-time and regular part-time employees assigned to the department.
  • Ensuring employees are performing the duties identified on their position classification.
  • Ensuring that all compensation information is confidential and is not be discussed with other staff members.

Responsibilities of All Employees

All employees, both exempt and non-exempt, are responsible for

  • Providing their manager with requests for all leave in accordance with the policies for the category of leave requested
  • Adhering to university policy and departmental rules regarding time and attendance
  • Promptly reporting any discrepancies between the time worked and pay received to their manager and to Payroll Services

Non-Exempt Employee Responsibilities

Non-exempt employees need to clock in and out using the TRS. Instructions for doing so as well as for viewing time cards can be found in the Payroll’s Time Reporting section. Managers should inform new hires of any departmental requirements or preferences on how to clock in and out.

Non-exempt employees are paid for hours worked and are subject to the overtime rules in the FLSA.