Talkspace made available through Resources for Living

Our emotional health influences the way we respond to changes and transitions, yet accessing mental health support can, at times, feel burdensome and challenging.

Talkspace is a text therapy option through GW's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

If you are in a life threatening situation - do not engage with Talkspace. Call 911 to be connected directly with emergency personnel or 988 (suicide and crisis lifeline) for 24/7 distress support. You can also use these resources to get immediate help.


Overview of Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that makes it easy and convenient to connect with a licensed behavioral therapist — from just about anywhere, at any time.

Send text messages to your therapist via a web browser or the Talkspace mobile app. Your therapist will respond within 24 hours, five days per week. Talkspace has also rolled out a televideo option that provides an expanded digital offering to employees and their eligible family members. You can change your choice of modality (message-based text, audio or video, live tele-video, live telephonic, live chat) from session to session.


What's in it for me?

Therapy isn't just about childhood memories or bad dreams. Talkspace can help you:

  • Identify and manage your stress triggers — at work, at home, and beyond.
  • Set and achieve your goals with the support of a licensed therapist.
  • Practice new self-care routines for improved well-being.
  • Prepare - read 5 Ways to set realistic mental health goals.


Registering for Talkspace

GW Employees must first register through the Resources for Living website (this is the website that powers GW's EAP). GW Employees receive five weeks of Talkspace access at no cost. The five weeks are to be used within a 120-day window. Your five weeks do not need to be consecutive weeks.

  • When you first register, you will indicate your needs and preferences for therapy. Keep in mind that Talkspace is confidential, secure and private. 
  • Next - get matched.  Talkspace suggests three potential therapists based on your preferences. Select your ideal match and begin therapy the very same day.
  • Message with your therapist — on your schedule. Once matched, you can begin to send text messages to your therapist, who will check in daily (within 24 hours), five days per week. You'll always connect with the same therapist, unless you request to switch.

Talkspace Registration Instructions

Please note: When you sign up for Talkspace, you will immediately initiate a five-week "sessions" of text therapy to be used within a 120-day window. Your five weeks do not need to be consecutive weeks. A “session” generally equals one week of Talkspace access to send unlimited messages to your therapist. We recommend you do not register until you are actively seeking to engage with a therapist on the Talkspace platform.



Benefits-eligible employees and their eligible dependents (13+ years and up) are eligible for five weeks of chat therapy through Talkspace (per issue). 

Talkspace has taken all legal requirements into consideration to support users ages 13-17. Each U.S. state has different requirements regarding what age necessitates parental consent to start therapy.  If parental consent is required by the state, a parent/guardian will be asked to provide and upload an online recording of consent (by reading a script provided by Talkspace) and proof of identification. This online provision of consent and identification is digitally recorded and provided using the Talkspace HIPAA compliant app. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the consent process.


Watch this video to learn more about Talkspace




My 5 Weeks Are Over. Can I Continue Accessing Talkspace? 

You can continue to access Talkspace services after you've completed your EAP sessions. Simply email [email protected] for information about how to continue receiving services with a discount. Please note: This service offers individual counseling for adults age 13 and older.

Talkspace offers other hepful FAQs to help get your questions answered.

Please email [email protected] to get help or share feedback. You will receive a response within one business day.