Wellbeing Programs

GWell Creating a Community of Wellbeing



As shared in an HRMD Leadership email, your emotional well-being is a vital component of your overall health and well-being. Please take a moment to review the programs (PDF) available to benefits-eligible employees.


GWell from Benefits is your well-being hub where you can engage with various programs that aim to support our community as it moves onward.

Explore well-being by selecting a program below, or by area of well-being interest:


Find information on back-up care, tuition discounts, tutoring, and day-care searches. 


Explore guided meditations and exercises, sleep support and kids programs at no cost!


Receive up to 5 confidential counseling sessions and life/work support.



Online weight-loss program for employees and eligible dependents on a GW medical plan.


GW medical plan participants receive 24-hour support from experienced nurses and more.


Schedule a 1:1 30-minute session with Fidelity or TIAA to review your retirement goals. 


Explore well-being programs by area of interest: