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[email protected] GW - Performance will launch in two phases. Several groups at GW are participating in the Performance Pilot, which started in December 2017. The system will rollout to the rest of the university in 2018.

For years staff and managers at GW have used a paper process for Performance Management. In addition to being time-consuming for staff to write and managers to review, a paper process has also meant that formally tracking achievements year-to-year, identifying professional development opportunities, and tying performance to merit pay have been inefficient and difficult tasks.

[email protected] GW - Performance will streamline the Performance Management process. Instead of using outdated paper forms, [email protected] GW - Performance will allow all performance reviews to be completed online in a single, easy-to-access location with tools that make both writing and reviewing faster and easier.

[email protected] GW - Performance will integrate with other employee information in the system, saving time and helping employees identify and pursue opportunities for growth in their chosen career path. For example, employees can use [email protected] GW – Learning to populate professional development plans, making the process more efficient than ever.

Starting in December 2017, several groups at GW began participating in a pilot of [email protected] GW - Performance. Groups were chosen to provide a cross-sampling of staff throughout GW's schools and divisions, and employees who are participating in the pilot will be asked to provide their feedback and thoughts on the system.

When will the pilot take place? 

The pilot will run from December 5, 2017 to September 30, 2018.

How do I access the system if I am part of the pilot group?

When the pilot launched in December, participants in the pilot group automatically gained access to [email protected] GW - Performance.

Can I access [email protected]  GW - Performance even if I'm not part of the pilot? 

During the pilot period, only groups who have been identified as being part of the pilot will have access. The system will rollout to the rest of the university in Fall 2018. Groups not in the pilot will begin using [email protected] GW - Performance for their annual reviews at that time.

How do I provide feedback if I am part of the pilot group?

Employees in the pilot group will be asked to provide feedback via surveys in the system, by participating in focus groups, and by reaching out to designated contacts within their school or division.

Performance Management Quarterly Check-In Schedule

Performance Year: October 1 - September 30

Quarterly Checkin Process Overview