HRMD Strategic Initiatives


Engagement Initiative Icon: Speech bubbles


HRMD supports the university's goals of developing and promoting a sense of community and a culture of diversity and inclusion among its employees. Our initiatives aim to increase employee engagement, to improve diversity education and recruiting, and to utilize employee feedback to identify engagement opportunities.


HRMD Excellence Initiative Icon: A badge with a handshake

HRMD Excellence

To improve operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness, HRMD will expand developmental opportunities, establish metrics to inform strategic decision-making and workforce planning, and increase transparent, proactive communication. Our goals focus on improving service delivery to the university community.

Talent Management Initiative Icon: A light bulb at the top of stairs

Talent Management

Through implementing an overhauled performance management process and increasing management development, we will be able to increase the knowledge and skill of our workforce. Targeted training and improved access to developmental resources will increase employee engagement and support organizational goals.


Talent Attraction Initiative Icon: A magnet with stars attracted to it

Talent Attraction

In order to attract and retain top talent, HRMD is implementing a revised recruitment model and orientation program. Our initiatives emphasize increased support to source talent, an efficient and positive applicant experience, as well as an improved process to acclimate and support new employees to ensure success in their new roles. 


Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative Icon: A circle with a set of puzzle pieces coming together

Efficiency and Effectiveness

By leveraging available technology, HRMD is implementing streamlined workflows and more self-service capability while continuing its emphasis on customer service. A unified and efficient platform will allow staff to navigate the employee lifecycle to meet the current and future needs of GW.