It is the university’s policy to pay all employees for time worked in an accurate and timely manner, in accordance with applicable laws, and to maintain required supporting documents and records.

To facilitate this process the university makes available an automated Time Reporting System (TRS), using telephone, PC, or Workforce Central Mobile app to record hours worked and leave taken for the purpose of:

  • Collecting the data necessary to pay employees accurately and timely

  • Tracking compliance with governmental regulations

  • Maintaining the required supporting documentation

All biweekly employees’ time and attendance are maintained in the university’s TRS system. Non-exempt employees are required to clock in/out using the telephone, PC, or Workforce Central Mobile app.


Employees who use the Time Reporting System (TRS) are responsible for:

  • Reporting all time worked by using the TRS on a phone, PC, or Workforce Central Mobile app designated by your supervisor (nonexempt employees), following the proper clocking in and out procedures.

  • Entering into the TRS requests for all Time Off

  • Adhering to university policy and departmental rules relating to time and attendance

  • Reporting promptly any discrepancies between the time you worked and your pay to your supervisor or Payroll Services


Timekeepers are responsible to be familiar with GW policies which govern hours worked, meal periods, overtime pay and premium pay for shifts, weekends, and on call, as defined in the Manager's Handbook and any other applicable documents, including collective bargaining agreements as appropriate.  

  • Timekeepers must also inform all employees of the importance of adhering to the university's policies and departmental practices as they relate to time worked.  In addition, timekeepers are responsible for: Reviewing pay reports regularly and correcting any erroneous or missed entries on a timely basis.
  • Reviewing and approving time worked, leave time and overtime (“Work and Leave Records”) in accordance with the university's Biweekly Payroll Calendar on the Payroll Calendars page.

  • Reviewing, approving and sending to Payroll Services manual time sheets for any missed hours or leave.

  • Verifying that all terminated employees do not have hours beyond their term date and removing an employee’s scheduled hours from the TRS if the Change in Status (CIS) form terminating the employee has not been processed. Removal of hours helps ensure that a terminated employee will not be paid beyond the last day worked.

Managers/Supervisors can request TRS access by filling out a TRS form and taking a TRS class.