Key Performance Factors



Fosters an environment that supports a continual, candid exchange among appropriate members of the university community. Escalates compliance, ethics, and civility related issues to appropriate levels. Encourages expression of new and creative ideas. Listens without interruption. Regularly communicates useful, well organized, and accurate information orally and in writing. Provides regular, timely, and constructive feedback in a straightforward and sensitive manner.


Customer Service

Commits to pursuing excellence to achieve the highest standards. Understands our responsibility to exceed the expectations of others who depend on our actions. Solves problems at the first point of contact whenever possible; if unable to do so, escalates to an appropriate resource. Responds to all customer requests in a timely manner. Considers customer feedback and explores creative approaches to enhance service and increase efficiency.


Job Skills/Technical Skills

Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job effectively. Complies with GW policies, external laws and regulations. Maintains the highest level of ethics in all actions on behalf of the university. Performs responsibilities in accordance with job procedures and expectations. Remains current on new developments in areas of responsibility. Acts as a resource upon whom others rely on for assistance.


Productivity (Quantity/Quality of Output)

Gets the job done. Produces the quantity and quality of work required for the position. Demonstrates initiative. Sets priorities and organizes work efficiently and effectively. Completes work assignments in a timely manner. Delivers high quality work products. Uses sustainable practices whenever possible.



Treats others with courtesy, respect, and dignity. Encourages collaboration to meet common goals and produce a sense of shared responsibility. Encourages the expression of different points of view, resolves disagreements in a collegial manner, and supports decisions once they are made. Contributes to the success of the team by working effectively, helping solve problems, and meeting deadlines. Develops the capacity of others through information sharing, mentoring, and/or coaching.


Management/Supervisory Skills (as applicable)

Documents and communicates compliance, ethics, and civility escalation procedures. Takes ownership and accountability for area of responsibility. Acts as a coach to motivate staff and support their professional development. Sets goals and clarifies expectations of staff. Invests time to manage and facilitate the work of others. Responds to the ideas, concerns and needs of direct reports. Demonstrates skill in hiring, developing, and retaining staff. Engages in regular discussions to address performance issues and/or provide recognition when appropriate. Completes annual performance reviews in a timely manner.