HRMD Excellence



Initiatives Plan

FY 2017

  • Define HRMD roles and responsibilities and a culture that holds each other accountable
  • Assess the client partner organizational structure and business model; implement changes
  • Internal focus on communication, project management, governance and strategic planning
  • Launch Human Capital Management Executive Dashboard

FY 2018 

  • Monitor HRMD Key Performance Indicators
  • Develop an HRMD knowledge base and client partner onboarding training program


Initiatives Updates

Summer 2017

  • Updated client partner organizational structure based on client-area needs
    • Benefits to the university community:
      • Improved operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness

Fall 2017

  • Human Capital Management Executive Dashboard launched
    • Benefits to the university community:
      • Insight into key data, including operational metrics, performance and talent management
      • Inform decisions through timely and accurate human capital analytics

Summer 2018

  • HRMD knowledge base and client partner onboarding training program launched
    • Benefits to the university community:
      • Faster and more effective onboarding for new HR representatives
      • Enhanced HRMD client service