BW 3 Process Instructions

We are requesting Timekeeper and Finance Director (“FD”) support in summarizing hours worked from departments within Schools/Divisions for BW3, hours worked from January 9, 2022 to January 22, 2022. 

Note: Martin Luther King Day, January 17, is included in BW 3. Please ensure all benefited employees receive Holiday pay.

Please find detailed instructions as follows:

1.  Employees submit timesheets to their manager/supervisor.  If approved, the manager/supervisor will forward the timesheets to the department timekeeper.  The timekeeper and FD will then coordinate entering the hours on the excel spreadsheet.  A list of timekeepers by Banner Org has been posted to Box here.

2.  IT and Payroll to provide an excel spreadsheet to the FD via Box.  Two folders have been created in Box, “Original” and “Completed”. 

3.  FD pulls the file from the “Original” folder in Box.

a.  Population is all Biweekly employees with an active job as of 1/09/2022. 

b.  Each file is pre-populated with the employees based on the HR reporting unit assigned to the timesheet org in NBAJOBS in Banner. 

c.  The file is prepopulated with the following fields for each employee: GWID, Name, Position #, Suffix, Title, Employee Class, Manager, Timesheet Org, Division, Day and Date. 

d.  Fourteen rows for each employee, one row for each day in the pay period.  Data entry is requested for each employee ONLY for columns, L (Earn Code) and M (Hours).  A key is on the file defining each Earn Code for reference.

e.  Hours are not required to be entered on every row but, please be sure to populate the Earn Code (Column L) and Hours (Column M) for hours to be paid.  Leave blank if no hours are to be paid.

f.   Hours should be rounded to the closest quarter of an hour (0.25 hour or 15 minutes). 

g.  Meal Breaks should be calculated in the hours. If the employee takes a meal break, it must be at least a bona fide 30 minutes.

h.  Please do not change any other values/fields other than column L and M.

i.  Please do not add, delete or otherwise edit rows, columns.  The only exception: If an employee has two earn types on the same day, e.g. 4 hours REG and 4 hours ANL, please add a row and copy the information for that employee to include an additional earn code and hours.

j.   If sharing the spreadsheet, recommend that access to the Box folder is provided and that all work is completed in the online version within Box so updates are made real time.   

k.   If an employee or employee’s position is not listed on the prepopulated file, please submit a Manual Timesheet Form (PDF) to [email protected]

4.  Once the file is complete, please confirm steps below.  Only one file per reporting unit and one sheet within the excel file please. 

  • Only one file with one tab per area - add completed file to "Completed" folder in box
  • Make sure there are NO FILTERS applied -(remove all filters)
  • Do not put an earn code without an amount
  • Do not put an amount without an earn code
  • Do not manually enter any other data except Earn Code and Amount - COPY ALL OTHER DATA

5.  IT and Payroll will download all files completed by NOON on Wednesday, 1/26 and consolidate files for load into Banner.

6.  Individual employee timesheets are required to be maintained for three years with employee timekeeping records.  Please save the time sheets.  Payroll will reach out shortly to coordinate collection for document retention.  If you prefer, you are welcome to save them in the “BW3 Individual TImesheets” folder in Box. 

7.  Timesheets received by the timekeeper after submission of the Excel spreadsheet should be sent as usual to [email protected] for manual processing.

THANK you for your partnership, your support is greatly appreciated.



Zendra Barr, Kronos System Admin, Payroll        
[email protected]        571-553-4407

Glenna Bennett, Director, Payroll                       
[email protected]   571-553-4280