Support for Employees

As a university, our foremost priority is to ensure our community is safe. With our GW COVID-19 Campus Health and Wellbeing Policy, we have made a firm commitment to your safety and health. We also recognize that in order for this policy to be a success, it requires our university to work together, and to care for each other through practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and taking part in health directives from the university. 

Your wellbeing is critical - we invite you to take a look at some of the resources that we have developed for COVID-19 (including Pandemic Time) to help support our employees. We have also created different tips for employees, to help you through this crisis and guidance to assist you if you need to isolate or quarantine.


Guidance for Staff Regarding COVID-19 Protocols    Employee Tips for Teleworking


Virtual Learning Opportunities

  1. LinkedIn Learning Module: Working From Home: Strategies for Success: Learn how to stay focused, effective, and sane while balancing work and life. Melinda Emerson shares practical advice for making the transition to a remote job smooth. Find out how to set up your office for maximum productivity and how to communicate professionally and empathetically using remote tools such as video chat. Get tips for dynamic scheduling and collaboration, healthy ideas for staying focused, and apps and tools to maximize success. 
  2. LinkedIn Learning Module: Balancing Work and Life as a Work-from-Home Parent: Working remotely can be hard enough, particularly during a time of crisis. But when the worlds of work, parenting, and school collide, recovering your equilibrium can feel nearly impossible. Andrea Bonior—a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and mom of three—has been living out these same struggles for months. In this course, she shares tips for juggling your job and your life as a work-from-home parent. Using behavioral research, her expertise as a psychologist, and her personal experience working through these same challenges, Andrea details how to establish a concrete personal plan to reduce stress, set boundaries, and embrace each day with new motivation.