Safety and Emergency Response

Employees in this subfamily are responsible for environmental safety compliance and program management, as well as emergency response and individual safety. Duties include developing and implementing institution safety policy and training programs; communicating with government regulators; monitoring the use of potentially hazardous materials; responding to various emergency scenarios; and establishing risk assessments. Employees are also responsible for a variety of safety oversight services, which include hazardous materials management, hazardous waste disposal, chemical safety, radiation safety, environmental safety, biosafety, and industrial hygiene.

    N/A - (E4)
N/A - (E3)
N/A - (E2)
N/A - (IC5) N/A - (E1)
N/A - (IC4) N/A - (M4)
Health & Safety Specialist II (IC3) Director, Health & Safety (M3)
Health & Safety Specialist I (IC2) Manager, Health & Safety (M2)
N/A - (IC1) N/A - (M1)
  Health & Safety Inspector (SS3)  
N/A - (SS2)
N/A - (SS1)