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Why GW?

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The George Washington University is one of the largest private employers in the District of Columbia. Joining GW gives you practical benefits, opportunities to grow, professional development to turn a job into a career, and the unique experiences associated with our locations and culture.

GW is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce that promotes the GW values. GW promotes its value of learning by offering its employees generous tuition benefits as well as other opportunities for professional development and career growth through internal promotion. Employees can take advantage of the many cultural and entertainment events offered by GW, often for free or at a discounted rate.

Our main campus, Foggy Bottom, sits in the heart of our nation's capital and is an easy commute from Maryland and Virginia via the Metrorail system. Covering 30 square blocks, this urban campus offers university resources within a vibrant metropolitan area.

The Vern Express shuttle bus links Foggy Bottom to the serene Mount Vernon Campus, tucked into one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. In rural northern Virginia, the Virginia Science & Technology Campus serves as GW's technology and research hub, as well as its main campus for graduate studies.

Our talented staff team at the George Washington University brings together people from diverse backgrounds who have a variety of skills and abilities. We strive to build a strong sense of community that supports service excellence across our academic programs and campuses.

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Equal Employment Opportunity

We are committed to equality and fairness in recruitment, selection, and employment at the university. The university is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) employer committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory, diverse work environment. The university does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or on any other basis prohibited by applicable law in any of its programs or activities.

Please read our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement for more information on GW’s commitment to equality and fairness at every stage of the employment process.


Diversity at GW

Diversity is one of GW's core values. As members of the GW community, we embrace the unique contributions of all members of our community and:

  • Maintain a commitment to diversity and recognize the uniqueness of individuals
  • Support programs that promote an inclusive, welcoming environment for all
  • Provide on-going opportunities for students, faculty and staff to expand their cultural awareness
  • Incorporate innovative practices that transform traditional leadership


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Professional Growth at GW

GW has a range of opportunities and resources for professional growth. Learn how GW's online learning resources, in person trainings, tuition remission benefits, and other opportunities can help your professional growth.

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Moving to D.C.

Find information on what life in D.C is like as well as resources to assist with the moving and transition process.

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Learn about opportunities for temporary employment at the university and apply to GW's internal temporary agency.

Types of Employment

As the largest private employer in the District of Columbia, the university has a range of employment opportunities:

  • Faculty: With ten schools and colleges, GW employs full- and part-time faculty in disciplines across the board.
  • Research: Home to traditional disciplines as well as more than eighty centers and institutes, our research spans science, technology, health, policy, global security, arts, and humanities. GW has a variety of research positions, giving employees amazing opportunities for exploration and discovery.
  • Staff: In both part- and full-time positions, our talented staff team at GW brings together people from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of skills and abilities to fill a broad assortment of roles. We strive to build a strong sense of community that supports service excellence across our academic programs, offices, departments, and campuses.
  • ColonialTemps: As GW’s internal temporary agency, ColonialTemps matches applicants with temporary assignments at the university. Assignments are diverse in duties as well as in scope, lasting anywhere from one day to many months.